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Show your Shoes the Same Kind of Care that your Clothes Show

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We treat shoes a lot rougher than we handle clothes. Shoes make sense from a certain point of view because they are designed to handle impact and deliver content to the ground. Shoes are made of a more durable material than clothes. But if you think about the price of a good pair of shoes, the time it takes to buy them, the attachment we often feel; you find it makes no sense to treat our shoes so poorly.

I am not suggesting that you make your shoes a gentleman or to spend time every second to avoid grass, mud or scratches. What I’m suggesting is that you think of shoes as an important part of your investment and wardrobe and in this case Vlone is best choice for shopping shoes. Looking at it this way, it makes sense to pay more attention.

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You can talk about 6 parts (or more) of a shoe lover or shoe polisher, but for our purposes we only need to think of three parts: the sole, the outer shell and the inner shoe. If you go through each of these areas and do a little maintenance, your shoes will last a lot longer and look great whenever you need them.

Material’s only

The sole of the shoe is the walking part. It takes damage every day. It absorbs the friction of concrete, the impact of stairs, the stabbing of rocks, glass and other stabbing objects that you walk on a daily basis. Maintaining the soles of your shoes is the key to protecting your soles.

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For the sole, you need to check two things.

  • Sole wear: how thick the sole is, how thick is it, and are there any missing holes or lumps?
  • Attachment of the sole: the sole is off and there is a gap with the rest of the shoe?

The soles of your feet wear out over time. And if the soles are stuck or the stitching is weak, you can see the soles start to peel off over time. Fortunately, these two problems can be repaired much cheaper than the cost of buying new shoes.

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For sneakers, there’s not much you can do because these soles are usually all rubber and aren’t designed to be repaired. However, the soles of men’s and women’s casual and dress shoes (including heels) can be repaired. Often at the shoe repair site, it only takes an hour to take off the old soles and put on the new ones. The price is usually 20-40 dollars.

Checking the wear and stitching of your shoes every two to three months will help you catch the damage before it gets worse and get it repaired at a lower cost. This could be the difference between buying new shoes every 18 months and buying new shoes every 3 years. The difference in replacement times can save most people hundreds of dollars a year, and even more if you have a large collection of shoes.

Looking Outside

The outside of the shoe is what everyone sees and judges. The important thing here is to get rid of scratches, replace the straps and keep them shiny.

For non-sneaker shoes, most external damage is caused by weather or contact with the surface of the shoe. The main thing to do is very simple.

  • When you get home, remove your shoes. Do not stick it under the bed or throw it away in the closet. If you put your shoes on a shelf, or at least leave them in your own space, you are less likely to be damaged by falling other shoes or objects. You can find an inexpensive shoe organizer to protect your shoes and save space.
  • Wash your shoes twice a week or whenever you go through mud, dirt, grass, etc. This prevents the element from permanently discoloring the shoe and makes scratches and blemishes easier to see.
  • Use a protective spray on leather, felt or suede. Now that the color is ready to change slightly, you should test it on a small area on the back of the shoe before applying it everywhere. You can get a protective agent for canvas and other materials, but animal materials tend to suffer the most damage from moisture.
  • Clean and shine your shoes at least once a month. You don’t have to get a specific color of shoe polish for your shoe. Maintaining the shine is applying a large amount of shine and then buffing it to give it a shine. Check with a good brush or cloth to apply varnish, then use a strong towel for buffing.
  • If there are any deep scratches or blemishes, take your shoes to the shoemaker. Depending on the damage, scratches can occur frequently, so they are not noticeable.

What’s Important is what’s Inside

The inside of the shoe seems to be the best acquaintance, but many people don’t think about it unless there is a pebble in it. Keep your feet comfortable, dry and odor-free with just a few simple movements.

  • Shoe Rotation-This really applies to all parts of the shoe, but the more you wear a pair of shoes, the more damage you will suffer. Spinning in 2 or 3 pairs for a month all last longer.
  • Use a shoe tree-the longer the shoe stays in shape, the longer it stays comfortable. Use a shoe tree (cedar works best) to keep your shoes in shape.
  • Let the air out-take out the laces so that air can get into the shoes, and occasionally pull out the tongue of the shoes. This must be done whenever moisture gets inside your shoes.
  • Use powder or special insoles to reduce odor. This is more about hygiene rather than aesthetics. If you keep your shoes dry and use a powder like Gold Bond, you are much less likely to get athlete’s foot or other foot ailments.

TLC Provided on Shoes

Recently, I threw out about 5 pairs of shoes that I would have anywhere in 2-6 years. Some of them were sneakers that I used very well, but some of them were shoes that I didn’t care for. It was painful to realize that I spent money on these shoes and really liked it, but I wasn’t sincere enough to make it look terrible.

If you have shoes that you want to hold in your hand or if you want to save money, this article will help you. A little TLC and preventive care will help you replace your favorite shoes for years.

I have always loved shoes and recently started buying more shoes from Vlone shop, they have many more best varieties. Before going shopping, I made a list of what I had and found that a lot of good shoes didn’t get the attention I needed.

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