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The Allure and Practicality of the Bandholz and Garibaldi Beards

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Beards are nothing new! In fact, many of the famous style of beards we know in the 21st century have been created centuries ago. These styles include the Bandholz and Garibaldi, which have remained popular until today.

But we must also say that these are full beard styles that not every man – or woman, for that matter – will love, much less can rock as part of his everyday getup. There’s a certain kind of confidence, creativity and panache necessary to rock any of these three beard styles.

The good news: Beards are also an expression of personality and, as such, every man can grow a full beard! The trick is knowing what to do about it, from growing it to the right length to keeping it glossy, bushy and appealing. Here are things that you will want to know and discuss with your professional beard trimmer at your barber or hair salon. If you’re low on cash, there are inexpensive hair salons like Great Clips that do beard trimming.

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What Is A Bandholz Beard?

The Bandholz beard is named after Eric Bandholz, the founder and CEO of Beardbrand, an American men’s grooming company selling products for maintain beards, among others. As such, it’s a recent full beard style – Bandholz has supposedly been growing his beard since 2011.

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Take note that the Bandholz beard has a rich volume and texture, as well as covers the entire lower part of the face and past the chin. If your facial hair grows quite quickly, you may have to grow it for at least six months. Afterwards, you can shape it in the Bandholz way.

A few tips to grow and keep a Bandholz beard.

  • Don’t trim your beard except at the neckline and cheek areas.
  • Let your moustache grow naturally since it’s an essential part of the style. Be sure to brush it to the sides, too, for added texture. It should hang wide while also partly concealing your mouth; think of a Hungarian mustache.
  • Avoid over-sculpting your beard once it’s of the desired length. Trim stray hairs with scissors and brush down your beard to achieve a rounded finish.
  • Apply natural beard oil, preferably one with a coconut oil or olive oil, base to strengthen the strands and make them glossy. Moisturization is key to keeping your beard and the skin underneath as healthy as possible – no breakage, no dandruff, no acne.
  • Apply beard mousse and wax, too, if necessary for more thickness. Comb your beard when applying any product for its even distribution.
  • Limit your trimming sessions to just once every 2-3 days and only to cut off the strands’ narrow tips. Regular trimming will expose the thicker region at the middle so your beard looks fuller and bushier.

A word about the moustache in a Bandholz beard: It should look aggressive but it must still be neat with little stray hairs peeking out. Your moustache should also be rugged at the end, an effect that can be achieved by pinching at the ends with your index finger and thumb.

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What Is A Garibaldi Beard?

The Garibaldi beard is an older style than the Bandholz but we’ve seen many modern men rock it! It was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, a 19th century general known for his military and political prowess.

Emphasis must be made that the Garibaldi beard is a hybrid of a moustache and a full beard with a wide, rounded base. It shares a few similarities with the classic full beard including the method by which its base is achieved. Its main difference with the classic full beard is in its rounded bottom, its most attractive aspect.

The Garibaldi beard is also characterized by its high volume and fairly short length. The moustache should always be brushed to the sides, too. We like it because it suits most face shapes although it works best with rectangular and oval faces.

A few tips to grow and keep a Garibaldi beard.

  • Time is your friend when growing a full beard like the Garibaldi. You should let your hair grow as long and bushy as possible so there are no patchy areas. The key here is natural growth without letting it grow too long, say, the length of a Hindu holy man’s beard.
  • Start shaping your full beard when it becomes narrow and its bottom has a tapered look and crosses your jaw line.
  • Keep the length of your moustache no longer than your beard. Keep your moustache groomed neatly, too.
  • Maintain its appearance by using beard oil and wax as well as combing it with a beard comb or brush.

The thing about full beards like the Bandholz and Garibaldi is that these demand more time, energy and expense than, say, a stubble. You have to invest in a complete grooming kit for at-home grooming as well as spend for salon sessions. You must then ask yourself whether you’re up for it or not.

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