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Fashion investors and entrepreneurs light up as cannabis legalization blossoms.

Cannabis entrepreneurs and investors are poised for continued growth as legalization spreads. The economy reopens due to increased cannabis use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Cannabis Fashion Scene Is Booming

Funding for cannabis startups has been led by a closely-knit network of investors, many of whom co-invest. In addition to Casa Verde Capital, founded by entertainer Snoop Dogg, several other companies are included in the network. Arcadian Capital, a Beverly Hills-based firm, has invested in more than a dozen cannabis-related startups. As a co-investor with Arcadian, Phyto Partners has founded ten companies.

From time to time, fashionista and high-profile individual investors join the network. Tan and Kan are among the people backing Oakland-based Nabis, an online cannabis marketplace that offers delivery, financing, and a warehouse for dispensaries.

Investors may also be attracted by data on a brand-new industry and the immediate business opportunity.

The cannabis industry is expected to open new opportunities for retail trade in other sectors with style and incubated by the cannabis industry.

Fashion Celebrities Are Treated The Same Way We Are By Tabloids

In addition to running errands, they wait in lines and know what strains of cannabis they prefer. Branded marijuana products like girl scout cookies strains have been promoted by many of the world’s most iconic fashion stoners in the past few years. 

The most recent additions are Verena von Pfetten, Snoop Dogg’s Leafs by Snoop, and many more. What is he smoking when Nelson hangs up his guitar at the end of a long day? How many blunts does Snoop supposedly smoke every day? Now that there are so many strains of marijuana available, each bred to highlight a different terpene and capable of producing a wide range of physical and mental effects, what strains do celebrities reach for when it is time to smoke?

Harnessing Fashion Brands and Endorsements in Cannabis

There are certainly a lot seen in the news about models using cannabis. With the many fashion shows happening this summer, there is debate about whether cannabis is “performance-enhancing” on the ramp, but others see it more as a pain recovery for injuries.

There is the cannabis product itself, the flower, the pre-rolls, the extraction brands, and so on that models,and fashionistas participate in. However, the accessory space, in particular, is what is most recently talked about, so this includes vaporizers and grinders. 

Fashionista endorses all kinds of products, like make-up lines, face creams, and perfume, so seeing them move into the cannabis endorsement space seems to be helping to normalize our industry. Diving into how this is evolving going forward as we see the expansion of legalization across the country, state by state, and preparing hopefully for federal legalization.

The Fashion Industry Hopped In The Green Rush Bandwagon

Fashion entrepreneurs across the U.S. are flocking to the burgeoning cannabis industry as more and more states pass legislation legalizing the sale of marijuana in some form. That proliferation of pot-related businesses means that business owners are scrambling for ways to make their brand stand out in the minds of consumers. Cue the fashionistas who have been popping up across the marijuana industry recently with product endorsements and pot-related brands.

When you think of fashion and pot, many well-known weed advocates likely spring to mind. Fashion stoner  icons are outspoken supporters of marijuana legalization who often throw their support behind political candidates with similar views. 

Meanwhile, actress and co-host of The View Whoopi Goldberg penned a column last year that details her love of her vaporizer pen — a tool for inhaling weed and other herbs — and comedian Sarah Silverman even showed off her own “vape” pen on the red carpet before attending last year’s Emmy awards.

In other words, there seems to be no shortage of celebrities who would surprise no one by jumping into the legal pot business.