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The winter season is almost over, so is the limitation of trying out new shoes. At the end of the winter season, women generally are seen counting the days to get rid of black boots and get into the groove to wear some trendy colorful heels. Women, fond of heels, call winter as the worst season because they cannot wear various stylish footwear. 

Now, as the spring season is just around the corner and there are a plethora of styles that can be tried with ease. Lots of new trends are emerging in the market every day, but the ones explained below should be on your radar.

There is, of course, a lot in the shoe store for the upcoming months. You can finally dream to wear some of the latest and trendiest sandals, heels, and flats. Some of the most fashionable shoes in 2020 are listed below.

  1. Loafer Heels

No doubt, loafers are neither new nor are they trendy, but these staples are always found in everyone’s wardrobe. But in 2020, these loafers are taking a twist with some heel variations that are going to rock the loafer fans. Whether you are going to buy sleek leather flat ones with some glossy polish or the heel version. You can now wear your classic heeled loafers for 2020 updated look. You can pick from slingback pumps, Madigan loafers, Raquel blocks, mid-heel loafer, and Simba mid heels. Loafers are well designed for all kinds of aesthetics so you can wear them with jeans or any workwear.

  1. Square Toes

Square toes are already among the hit-list of every fashion girl, the most favourite way to get this heels trend through sandals. You can go for a heeled mule or strapped stiletto.

High Mules, leather mules, toe sandals, strapped sandals, or Mr Big mules are some of the most trendy ones this year, so rush to the stores and do not miss out.

  1. Kitten Heels

Yes, you can add a stylish touch to your footwear collection with these little appealing kitten white heels. White is going to be the most trendy shoe colour this year, so you can go for pastel and pop colour to stand out in the crowd. You can better wear these kitten heels with a trench coat and jeans, or you can also go with the midi skirts. Both ways, you can showcase the excellent and trendy gesture of yours. It does not matter how you would be styling these heels, but I must say every woman’s wardrobe must-have this pair.

  1. Ornate Heels

You can pick ornate heels for your wardrobe but if you want to use it as casual wear, go ahead. But if you are going to wear it at any party, don’t give it a second thought and just wear it. No matter whether the heels are of gold, silver, or crystal colour, you cannot go wrong with these shoes. You can go for a plain design with embellishments around the back of your heels. So if you are ready to wear some ornate on your feet, choose heels with a decorated look.

  1. Toe Boots

Let your feet make some conversation with these contrast toe boots; bluntly believed that opposites blindly attract because of these boots. You can mix any of the toe boots with all types of outfit; you can go for black, white, brown, or blue toe boots. The matched or contrasted boots will add more depth to the costumes you are wearing. You can look at the most stylish one at the party if you wear ankle to knee footwear, so what are you waiting for!

  1. Platform Sandals

After going through the extreme cold weather, you can wear platform sandals with some ankle strap to feel that summers are around. The straps can go up to your leg, or they can also stick to your ankle. You can keep your look cool and this is definitely the best way to show your personality. Try to wear a flowing outfit that can add a semi-formal look to your personality. If you want some super chill aesthetic, wear these sandals with socks.

  1. Flare Heels

Flared heels are getting popular day by day, just like the flare jeans during the 70s flower power era. Flared heels are generally fuller at the bottom and slimmer from the base.

  1. Square Heels

Square and block heels are almost similar in looks. They are rectangular with a bit thicker sides. You can give a bit of a more chic look if you combine the square heels with a pointy pump style. But you can also go for booties or some other square heel types that are available in the market. You can wear them with skinny jeans or any jumpsuit. Moreover, you can choose the same colour or even go for a contrast.

  1. Stilettos

You cannot get an incredibly stylish look without wearing the Stilettos, but you have to be very careful. As these are 3-4 inches with an ultra-slim heel. You should be experienced enough to walk in these heels if you are going to some party. I suggest if you have to wear this, try to do some practice at home.

  1. High Heel

Nobody can deny the stylish look one can get by wearing high heels; they have remained trendy for so long. And I believe they are going to remain in the fashion industry forever, so do not hesitate to get a pair of high heels. Some women don’t buy them because of their height, so don’t be hesitant to try them out. If you are fond of heels, high heels of different colour must be in your footwear collection.

The Concluding Remarks

Regardless of what Marilyn Monroe said about heels, the best friend of a woman is nothing but heels. If you can choose the right kind of heels, you will spice up your confidence. Also, transform your look as you enter the room full of casual wearing footwear. But the question is which heels suit you the most, if you successfully get the answer, you will never look back again. The shopping aisle is broader than you have ever thought, so keep your head up and go for the comfortable ones. Whether you are going to try stilettos, pumps, or boots, be sure whether you have covered the fashion term well enough.