The Ten Most Popular Anklet Styles for The Upcoming Season


Ankle bracelets, or anklets, have been a popular women’s fashion trend for thousands of years. They add flair to any outfit and are the perfect accessory for showing off your ankles, feet, and legs. Anklets were very fashionable in the ’90s and are starting to resurface as one of the hottest trends of 2021, especially since warm weather is on the way. Be on the lookout for some of the latest designs and trends that can accentuate any outfit, whether it’s a simple pair of skinny jeans or an expensive little black dress.


Shop for the Hottest Trends in Anklets This Season

When it comes to snagging the best trends for the new spring season, check out the anklets over at Adina’s Jewels website. They have beautiful and delicate chain anklets that will perfectly showcase that new pair of heels. Their collection of designs offers timeless elegance and options are available in 14K gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, or gold vermeil. A dainty gold or silver chain anklet looks fabulous on everyone and is one of the most popular styles that will be seen everywhere this spring.

How to Measure Your Ankle for the Proper Fit

Before you buy an anklet, make sure you have the correct measurements for a great fit and the right size. However, not all anklets are the same. Some have a universal fit, and some require measuring your ankle for a little more accuracy. Any design with a toggle-style closure is usually going to be a one size fits all.

To measure your ankle, cut a string or ribbon and wrap it around the widest part of your ankle. Then, line it up to a ruler and write down the length in inches. A good rule to follow concerning proper sizing is to add ¼” to 1” to your measurement so the anklet drapes nicely and stays in the appropriate spot.

Anklet Designs and Trends for This Season

Now that we’re heading into spring, chain anklets will be seen more frequently as one of the best jewelries and accessory trends of 2021. But the chain style anklet isn’t the only one that’s going to be seen. Here are the rest of the upcoming anklet trends perfect for accenting your outfits and making a statement this season.

1. Delicate chain anklets made of precious metal

There’s a reason that simple, thin chain anklets are such a common choice for women. They look great on everyone, add a dainty charm, and can be made in different design choices for even the pickiest of buyers. Just because they are a simple chain doesn’t mean they’re bland or boring.

There are plenty of creative design elements to incorporate into a chain anklet to make it pop. Look for unique pendants, precious metals like rose gold or white gold, and beads or charms to adorn your anklet and make it special and unique to your personality. If you have a particular idea or inspiration, you can always ask for a custom design or monogram.

2. Layers, layers, layers

Another new trend for ankle jewelry is layering. This is usually done with chain anklets but really can be done with any anklet. Since layering is the intended style, it’s okay if the anklets don’t necessarily match, as long as you have several on your ankle. Interpret the trend in your own way by getting a chain anklet with a custom-engraved nameplate and then layering simple chain anklets on top. The layered look makes a statement that is also very popular with social media influencers and celebrities.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for a loved one or partner, buy multiple different designs for layering, with each different anklet standing for something special that only your partner will understand. Another custom gift idea is to get as many anklets as the number of months or years you have been together, with the main anklet featuring the birthstone of your anniversary month. It makes a personalized gift that your partner will absolutely love, and it shows how much you genuinely care.

3. Beaded anklets

Beaded anklets can be found in many intricate styles. The anklet is extremely popular in the Middle East and India, and is a cultural tradition going back thousands of years. The latest trend for beaded anklets is Indian-inspired, hand-made creations with complicated beading patterns and vivid colors worn with sandals.

The beads on anklets can be made from different mediums, including stone, resin, metal, glass, or ceramic. If you want to make your own, there are plenty of tutorials online you could follow, but the spring trends are leaning towards buying colorful, Bollywood-inspired anklets that are handmade and add a bold and playful statement. Beaded anklets are also perfect for layering, but be careful how many different styles you choose to avoid an overly busy effect. The beads are also available in neutral colors for an understated yet still elegant and traditional piece.

4. Add crystals or gemstones

Crystals and gemstones are a classic jewelry style and a great way to upgrade a simple chain anklet. By adding a gem, you give it a bright spot of color that takes it to the next level. If you don’t have a big budget, look for crystal anklets instead of real gemstones for a luxurious look without breaking the bank. If you can afford it, though, getting a diamond anklet is a must for every woman. There’s a reason they say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Diamonds sparkle brilliantly in the light, and when paired with a classic gold or silver chain, you can’t go wrong.

5. Shell and beach accents

One of the best trends for this summer is anklets with shells or ocean influences in their design. They’re perfect for wearing to the beach, with a sundress, to the pool, or with a bathing suit and sarong. Usually, small pink and white shells are the most common, but there are plenty of beachy motifs that fit, such as seahorses, sea stars, or even adding a small mermaid charm, which go hand in hand with the next trend.

6. Charms and pendants

Anklets adorned with charms or pendants make excellent custom gifts. You may not want to add as many charms as you would on a bracelet, but the ones you do choose will have special meaning. There’s a huge selection of pendants and charms that can be added in any style you can imagine. Charms are a huge trend this year because they are a neat way to have your jewelry say something about your character and personality. Pendants are also a great choice since they can be added to your favorite chain anklet to make it new again for this upcoming year.

7. Bohemian-style, silverwork anklets

One trend that can be seen all over Instagram is bohemian-inspired, hammered silver artisan anklets. These anklets are made out of pure sterling silver and are hand-tooled by artisans, so no two are alike. They use hammers to pound and shape the metal, making creative designs and upgrading a silver metal anklet into a beautiful piece of jewelry. You can also find silverwork anklets with a little tarnish on them, which is a cool way to accentuate the silver and give it that Boho feel.

8. Chunky brass bangles

Another trendy choice that’s the opposite of delicate silver anklets are ones made from chunky brass. Brass is a versatile material because its color varies greatly, and it can be easily manipulated to create endless designs and styles. The trend this year is thick anklets that hold their shape and resemble a bangle worn on your ankle instead of your wrist. After some time, the brass will take on a soft patina that gives it a striking green shimmer and shine.

9. Indo-Western inspired

The Indo-Western style of anklets is also a hugely popular choice, especially when worn with heels or sandals. This takes the traditional Indian style of interlinked, thick gold chains and combines it with the Western style of adding dangling metal or crystal charms. The result is a beautiful, chunky gold chain with modern accents, more of which can be added or removed to make a signature jewelry piece customized to your specific style.

10. Pearl and opal accents

Adding a pearl or opal stone to an elegant metal chain anklet will be a design that’s seen on ankles everywhere this spring and summer. Pearls and opals are classic choices and offer a more traditional look while still adding in some updated style for 2021. Opals can be added as pendants, charms, or as stones in a setting. The piece can also be worn as a bangle-style anklet, or wear a piece made entirely of opal beads instead of just a single pendant.

Anklets Are the Perfect Style Accessory for Any Outfit

This upcoming spring and summer, when the weather starts to warm, the one jewelry trend everybody will be wearing is anklets. By far the most popular style is a delicate and dainty precious metal chain anklet. They can be updated by adding different design elements such as crystals, pearls, pendants, charms, or even worn layered for a contemporary look.

Another beautiful style is wearing thin, hammered silverwork bracelets hand-made by artisans or wearing chunky brass bangles to add a bold statement to any outfit. No matter which designs you choose, anklets look great on everybody and will accent any outfit. Shop the different styles today and upgrade your look with one of the hottest trends of the new year.