Monday, August 2, 2021

The upcoming fashion trends for 2021

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With the temperature rising and light evenings here to stay for the time being, most of us are now on the lookout for the upcoming fashion trends heading our way in 2021. Fashion trends had sort of gone out of the window over the last 12 months with most of us hanging up our dresses and heels for comfy loungewear and pyjamas during lockdown. But now that we are finally on the roadmap out of restrictions, and social events are popping up all over the place, fashion trends are definitely back on our radar. 

But we do completely get it if you aren’t feeling very confident when it comes to finding the right fashion trends for you. In previous years, there have been a few out-there fashion trends that we firmly believe should not come off the catwalk. However, after a year of being stuck at home, now is a better time than ever to embrace the new fashion trends for 2021 and try something different this summer. 

Pastel colours 

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Pastel colours have become increasingly popular in recent years and they are deemed to be just as stylish this year. But this year designers are going for even more subtle shades. From soft sorbet yellows to creamy baby pinks you should definitely feature this popular fashion trend in your wardrobe this summer. Pastel colours are expected to be particularly popular in the form of dressy dresses for big social events such as weddings and garden parties. So by having a soothing coloured maxi dress hanging in your wardrobe you will always have a stylish outfit on hand. 

Crop tops 

Now we know what you are thinking- ‘Me? In a crop top?’. But they don’t have to be as scary as you might think. They have made a comeback on the high street and the catwalk in recent years and for many people a crop top is synonymous with summer. They are super flexible pieces as they can be paired with pretty much anything. This makes them a great item to help you get the maximum number of stylish outfits with minimum effort or expense. They are great for the warmer weather when you are looking for something cool to wear. But if you do feel a bit self conscious after a year covered up indoors, then you can also wear it under a blazer jacket to create a comfortable but smart look. If you are a big fan of womens co-ord sets then a crop top will make the perfect new addition to your post-lockdown wardrobe. 

Wide-leg trousers 

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2021 also sees the return of some of our favourite trousers that are perfect for a range of different events. From 80’s-style high-waisted office trousers to wide leg pants, if you prefer to have your legs covered up then you will not struggle for things to wear this year. You can also add a bralette or lace top to a pair of cropped culottes to make for the perfect garden party outfit. 

Oversized shoulder pads

While they may not be for everyone, oversized shoulder pads are making a comeback this year. They have been easing their way back into modern fashion trends for some years, but 2021 is expected to see even more oversized shoulder pads in our high street shops. However they don’t have to be as scary as you might think and they can actually come in very handy if you are looking to cinch in your waist and make your legs look longer. They are also a great option if you want a more modern twist on the classic power suit. You can also be bold when it comes to colour as we expect to see some bright and pastel coloured tops in this 80’s throwback fashion style. But do not worry, you don’t have to be sporting a mullet hair style in order to look good in oversized shoulder pads. 

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Even though the first half of 2021 hasn’t been the pandemic free zone that we would’ve hoped for, now that we are on our way out of the restrictions and have plenty of things to look forward to, some of these upcoming trends are sure to make for some stylish outfits in the months ahead. 

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