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The primary purpose of wearing sunglasses is to protect one’s eyes from ultraviolet rays of the sun. It has also become a fashion statement, and since there are so many high-end brands of sunglasses, it also has become a kind of status symbol. Researches have suggested exposure of direct ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer. However, the sun is not the only thing we need to protect our eyes from; we try to protect our eyes from smoke, pollution, sand or dust particles. 

People often wear sunglasses to appear cool. A trendy outfit without proper accessories seem incomplete, and if you are stepping out during the daytime, then blue aviator sunglasses are a must. Wearing sunglasses is another way of saying that I would like to be isolated, so do not disturb me. It has been observed that people hesitate to approach people who are wearing sunglasses as they give out the vibe of unwelcome. On the other hand, a person who puts sunglasses on often walks in his world, as he can see the surroundings well, but others cannot figure out where he is looking at. So it becomes easier for him to pretend that he did not see something that he does not want to see. Layoners sunglasses, round glasses, oval-shaped and other shapes of glasses are trendy and most liked by masses. There are a plethora of brands of sunglasses in markets, and it becomes overwhelming for a novice to choose from. Here are a few things one should consider before spending money on a pair of sunglasses.

Try at least ten pairs

Sunglasses are available in a variety of sizes. Even a type of sunglasses come in different sizes. Before buying sunglasses, it is recommended to have a mirror in front and try different pairs. Sometimes we think that a pair would not suit our face shape, but once we put it on, it enhances our faces. Similarly, some sunglasses denounce face features to some extent. Experts say that while some shopkeepers may try to convince you to purchase a particular pair, never spend your money without trying them on as trying may force you to change your mind. 

100 per cent protection

Never forget the primary reason for wearing sunglasses is to protect eyes from harmful rays of the sun. Some sunglasses are not good in quality and do not protect from ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses have a sticker which shows if they can protect eyes from sun rays. It is recommended to buy only those who clearly indicates that they can give your eyes the protection they need. There is a misconception in a general public that darker shades provide better protection. Some darker shades may work as a protective shield, but this is not the ultimate criteria. A wise thing to do is to have a survey of more than one store before spending money on a pair of sunglasses.   


Experts recommend the bigger frame as they say that a larger frame keeps the eye secure from more than one side. Light does not always hit from the front; instead, it reaches eyes from right, left or top or bottom. A-frame that has brim gives more security and safeguard not only from sun rays but all other elements that might be harmful to eyes. Another thing to consider is to buy a frame that fits your face size perfectly as nothing is more annoying than to fix the sunglasses again and again because it keeps sliding on your nose. 


The truth is choosing a pair from an extensive collection is a daunting task. It is better to narrow down your choices. Before buying, it is wise to analyze your lifestyle and figure out where you will be wearing these sunglasses. If you are someone who indulges into sports activities, then your preferred sunglasses would be different from someone who needs to buy only for routinely commute. It helps in determining the features of sunglasses you should be for and will make your task easier. 

Lens Colour

These days sunglasses come in a variety of unconventional colours. Although it is a matter of preferred choice, not every coloured lens is suitable for all seasons and purposes. If you are buying a pair of glasses for a beach, then the chances are that your eyes will be exposed to direct sunlight. In such cases, experts recommend amber, copper or brown lens, but if you are someone who indulges in skiing, then yellow or orange lens would be a smart choice because it will increase contrast and will fight light. Mirrored sun lenses block 10 to 15 per cent of sunrays or photochromic lenses also include the consideration that darkens when exposed to sunlight and becomes lighter once you are indoors.


The truth is that sunglasses are usually worn because they look stylish. They add to the oomph factor of the overall look. While one should consider all the health factors but also keep this stylish element into consideration. Classically cool, modern, retro are a few styles of sunglasses, and they will be a pair that will suit your face.


A good quality pair of sunglasses is costly. Still, if it guarantees cent per cent protection from sun rays, then it is a wise investment. People consider it as a fashion accessory and do not use it in their day-to-day life. However, doctors recommend wearing sunglasses mandatory to anyone whose eyes are exposed to the sun as they say that it reduces ageing and risk of other ophthalmology diseases. During these days people prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes and online shopping is the new trend. Shopping sunglasses without trying them on is very risky as you cannot be sure if a particular pair would suit you. Experts discourage online shopping for sunglasses unless you are completely sure about your preferred choice. Different brands are selling a variety of sunglasses promoting various features, and while choosing one may be a hassle but also an exciting task.