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Tips And Tricks Celebrities Swear By When Using Makeup

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Using self-tanners is now a part of everyday life, many people are not risking going and sitting in the sun anymore. Being made aware of the dangers of exposing ourselves to the sun is prominent, in many magazines with celebrities promoting the use of self tanners and explanations of why they choose to use this rather than sunbathe. That is why there are many famous actors that use self tanners.

Our awareness of cancer has become more insightful over the years and what causes this disease. There is more medical evidence of what are some of the causes of these cancers. What age range these affect the most and what gender is most likely to be affected by each type of cancer. 

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One of the main cancers women as a whole have become more aware of is skin cancer. This has to be one of the main cancers women are aware of due to their love of sunbathing. 

Celebrities are always striving to look their best, so their makeup and tan are normally on par. Over the recent years though celebrities still want a tan but don’t want to expose their skin to the harsh sun rays and the damage doing so has on their skin. Alternatively, some celebrities choose to wearing a protection bracelet instead of an ordinary one.

The celebrities that are known for using self tanners?

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Many celebrities use self tanners here is a small list of some who have that flawless fake tan down to such a natural look.

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kate Hudson
  • Megan Fox  
  • Kate Moss

This is just a tip of who uses self tanners. Sometimes this hasn’t always worked well for some celebrities in the past, but they can not be blamed for having a streaky or an uneven tan. These ladies, after all, go to the best beauticians and seek out the best products. This is more or less a thing of the past, tans have been around for a long time now, so fewer mistakes are being made.

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Most celebrities will have a particular brand they prefer or recommend. Some celebrities swear by certain brands and will not differ or try anything else. Having a good tanning product is like having a good mascara or foundation once you find it there is no looking back.

Celebrities use certain products or routines they have in their daily task of looking beautiful and flawless at all times. This is normal, for many people to have a certain brush they love and swear by or a certain way they may get rid of acne. The truth is, as women if we find a tick that works we normally stick to it.

The weirdest makeup and beauty hacks that celebrities love

  • The very sophisticated Victoria Beckham is said to be a great fan of using … bird poop, to put it bluntly, however, it is not your average bird poop, of course, this is a famous old fashioned but traditional geisha way of turning nightingale poop into a paste that is applied to the skin.
  • Cindy Crawford is a fan of washing in milk to give her the complexion most people would kill for. She’s said to mix this with water and wash with it
  • Keysha is said to be a big fan of dying her eyebrows using men’s beard dye, this is meant to give her the very dark brows that she loves.
  • Margot Robbie has one very simple tip when it comes to getting the must have pout of all time .. nipple cream, yes you read that right she is said to love this tip because it keeps her lips looking hydrated and fuller.

Although some of these may seem extreme or a little bit out there, secretly everyone has the one beauty or makeup tip they swear by and have been doing for years.

  • Make sure your skin is clear before applying makeup.
  • Use a good cleanser
  • Using correct brushes to apply the make up
  • Avoid over applying foundation
  • Use a good coverage foundation
  • Use a good mascara that has a good brush
  • Make sure the makeup is blended between the face and the neck

 Above is a list of helpful tips.

 organic makeup 

Organic products are becoming a way of life and more of a lifestyle choice for many people. How makeup is being tested and produced, has over time become just as important as getting the right color, shade, or skin type.

The production of makeup was once something that people did not understand. The knowledge given to us now is informative with ingredients listed. What has also been recognized is how these beauty products get made. the key is not to just have a well made product, it is to also know that these products have sustainably reached our homes.

Although this is not always possible for everyone, as a rule, most people will and do buy the best products that are tested correctly. Most of the very harmful and cruel ways to test makeup are now thankfully a thing of the past. Even though it is still used it has many more protocols and guidelines that need to be followed. Vegan options are at hand if you feel strongly about this.


From top to toe 

Makeup and how makeup is visualized, does seem to be very different in everyone’s eyes. Makeup is one of the biggest industries in the world. What would you describe as good makeup? Makeup is used for many different reasons, from our heads to our toes there is no wrong or right way for wearing the makeup that you choose too.

The use of it is sometimes an expression of ourselves, people may use it as a mask or wear it simply because they love it. For others, it may hide visible scars. Whichever way you choose to wear it and for what reasons is completely personal and you have no need to explain to anyone how you want to or indeed love to wear it.

When you look in a magazine and the latest celebrity that you love is wearing the most outlandish style and you love it, give it a try. While it may not suit you unless you experiment you will never know. Underneath makeup and beauty products celebs do look like normal people. 

Look at everything in your routine and see what has not been working, if your tan is streaky find a new one, mascara is clumpy or not giving you that length you require then swap it. Makeup is just that, it makes you up to what you choose to look like. That is why so many famous people have no limit on what they do and get away with. 


Having a tan automatically makes lots of women feel better, there is a saying that supposedly everyone feels better with a tan. For many this is a very true statement today however, it’s wanted in an unharmful way, one that will not put us at risk.

Have fun with your makeup and experiment and be brave. What suits you may not suit someone else but it also may make you look like your favorite supermodel. There are many celebrities, who have achieved very distinct looks, that made them equally as famous for their use of makeup or love of it.

Amy Winehouse is a perfect example of a celebrity having been just as well known for her heavy eyes and bold ticks. Cyndy Lauper has been known over the years for her love of using lots of colors. Nicki Minaj also loves using her creativeness when applying her lipstick.

Makeup is becoming such a more acceptable thing for all genders to wear. Look online if you need tips or help with doing this. Remembering that if it is your first few attempts it may not go as smoothly as you want, keep trying, remember there is not a right or wrong in doing so express yourself in how you choose. If it works for celebrities, there is no reason it can not work for you!

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