Top 5 dating apps of 2020

Top 2020
Top 2020

It has been long since the world turned into a global village. However, many people didn’t realize this until they came across dating apps. These apps are a solid platform where you can find people from all over the world. You may subscribe to any caste, creed or religion, dating apps have everything covered for you. In other words, with little to no effort, you can get matched with a compatible partner, so much so, that the concept of a lesbian dating app has started to take firm roots. 

At some point you may have used poor dating apps. Well, there are bad apples everywhere. It is just a matter of selecting the right apps. Provided the abundance of options, you could easily be persuaded to waste your valuable time on a silly dating app. So instead of not using or being content with mediocre ones, why don’t you give a try to the following top five dating apps of 2020? 

  1. Tinder 

Tinder is undoubtedly right at the top of all the dating apps. Someone who has been into online dating for long would always suggest you exploit Tinder before going anywhere else. This speaks volumes about its extraordinary performance.

Going into the mechanics of the app, you have to be 18 years old at a minimum to open an account. Unlike the past, users don’t necessarily require a Facebook profile. After the mandatory form-filling exercise, you will get an account.   

Next comes presenting a precise sketch of your personality on your Tinder profile. For that, you will be given a considerable space of 500 characters where you can write your bio. Also, Tinder allows you to incorporate an adequate number of photos. Once you have nailed these formalities, you are good to go. 

Tinder will start showing you some basic information, such as name, photo, and age. Depending on your taste, you may like someone with a right swipe or ignore them with a left swipe. If two users swipe right to each other’s profiles, it is a match. In simple words, now both individuals can exchange messages and get things going.     

Though you can use tinder for free, it will dent your chances to meet the right person due to limited swipes. Therefore, consider taking a premium for a thorough experience. The biggest upside of Tinder is that you don’t have to be a tech-geek to use it with perfection.   

  1. OkCupid 

OkCupid is unique just like its name. No wonder, OkCupid overlaps with Tinder on so many grounds because both of them belong to the same company. Having said that, this app is far from being a copy-paste version of Tinder. 

OkCupid’s profile is very long and therefore facilitates users to go into the specifications. You will be asked a variety of questions. Guess what, you can even answer these questions on behalf of your potential partner. These answers will be used as a criterion to determine how compatible you are with others. Needless to say, a high percentage of compatibility means that both parties are likely to get along very well. Albeit artificial, it is an effective way to measure harmony between different personalities.

You won’t face an onslaught of unwanted messages unless, of course, you like their profiles. The app has a share of downsides with its untidy interface easily taking the cake. 

Nevertheless, OkCupid has been around for more than one and a half-decade and the latest updates suggest that the app is in for a long haul. In spite of its minor drawbacks, it is still one of the most reliable options for potential daters.      

  1. eHarmony 

Being one of the oldest dating sites, eHarmony is far ahead than its contemporaries in terms of winning public trust. Talking about the signup process, it is easy but could take as much as about one hour to complete. 

The reason behind this is that the app heavily relies on 29 dimensions of compatibility, which leads to a comparatively exhaustive form-filling process. From that point forward, everything becomes way too easy. Put simply, the algorithm of eHarmony takes care of everything. From time to time, the app will identify matches that are in step with your interests. And you can sort them at your convenience.

Subscription is a must if you want to make the most of eHarmony. To begin with, a subscriber will be liable to pay 60 dollars per month. That’s expensive from the standard of a dating app. Though the costs come down to 30 dollars per month if you buy a bulk subscription for 6 months, the amount is still on the higher side. That said, you will get the complete return of investment by unlocking a series of features.  

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel 

This app is popularly known as CMB. In the past, the Facebook account was the first pre-requisite of registration on CMB. But, luckily, that’s not the case anymore. Now all you need to insert is your phone number.

Users are notified with a handful of bagels, aka matches, every day. You have to respond to these bagels or else they will expire after 24 hours. CMB distinguishes itself from other dating apps by generating a sense of urgency among the users. For example, if two potential matches are engaged in conversation, the private chat window will melt away from the scene after one week. That way, you will be either inclined to ask for the phone number or simply move on to the next match without prolonging the chat for no apparent reason.

In addition to that, you can utilize extra features by earning “beans”. You can accumulate beans in three different ways, that is, by purchasing, inviting your friends to download the app or simply being a consistent user.    

  1. Hinge 

The first look at Hinge will make you say that ‘’it is inspired by Tinder”. Indeed, the app shares various features with Tinder. But it has somehow kept its originality intact. For example, Hinge’s detailed questionnaire helps you to reveal much more personal information compared to tinder’s limited space of 500 characters. 

The app is designed in such a way that users are not overwhelmed with matches at any point. So if you happen to be someone who prefers quality over quantity, Hinge is your cup of tea. While Tinder may have gossiped as a mere “hook up” app in some circles, Hinge enjoys the reputation of an app that leads to serious relationships. 

Final Word

People are flooded with dating apps. They are left, right and center. But if you fail to choose a good dating channel, you will gradually develop a feeling of hatred toward these apps. It is also probable that you may have already started abhorring the online dating world, owing to your bad experiences. Well, the above apps will not only restore your faith in digital dating but also prove to be a game-changer as far as your personal life is concerned.