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Top 8 Must-Try Classy Fashion Trends for 2020

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No women ever said, “I do not need more clothes” we know that none wants to be out of fashion. No wonder you want to dig about the fashion to style from head to toe. Despite 2020 has been more of settling at home and Netflix and chill year, fashion has never got its step back but it turned out to be more popular and snazzier. 

           Buckle up ladies to understand some of the leading and stunning street styles and vintage looks in the year 2020. 

Oversized Sleeves 

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                The most popular and trendy look of this year is oversized sleeves, every celebrity to bloggers had flaunted their big butterfly wing and balloon oversized sleeves. They are not just stylish but very comfortable kind of clothing for everyone. 

             Oversized sleeves give an image of the slimmer body as hands will be colossal and add pretty girl look. This chic oversized sleeves in form of gowns, tops and frilled dresses and more in any fabric you wish. 

Basket Bag

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source: pixabay
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                 Meet the hottest trendy accessory, Basket Bag. It completes your look and complements any outfit perfectly. The basket bag is a statement accessory that gives you space for all your essentials and looks bold and absolutely cute. 

              The basket bag is completely worth your money as it gives you chic makeover with no doubt, get it on from ultimate shopping destination Splash and for codes visit here.

Boiler Suits

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                  Boiler suits are the easiest and one comfortable piece of clothes which will fulfil your outfit hunt for the day. They are easy, put on this pretty dress and you are all sorted. Boiler suites make you effortlessly gorgeous as it meant to be for you. 

               Are you feeling confident and powerful? Babe you got this, be that girl boss in the outfit that is made to be you. Not just girl boss, you can look extremely cute in a boiler suit by accessorising. 

Square-Toed Heels

                   Did you just wake up as a fashion icon today? So just be it! Put on your Square-toed high heel and take the feel of a fashion icon. Comfortable feet will keep you fresh and sane all day, which is a fact by the way. 

               Steal the show with the little twist of iconic square toe heel any time, any day. Walk gracefully and be that inspirational fashion icon for the rest of your years. 


             Looking for cute romantic vintage attire, you can totally nail it with the Ruffle dresses. The fine merge of ruffle with lace is a blessing for the day to any event. 

            Ruffles pants, shirts and dresses instantly raise your outfit and everyone can pull off these. There are no such over-ruffles, more the layers the better it looks. Get amazing discounts on ruffle dresses using victoria’s secret promo codes

Blod Gold Chains 

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Source: pixabay

Who didn’t go bonkers over, bold and thick gold chains which stand out and compliment any outfit? I guess you too went crazy for it for a while. This collection of gold accessories will never go out of fashion and makes you a fashionista.

               One thick gold chain is a statement of power and it doesn’t even need anything else. You can definitely rock it with any dress like blazers, gowns, plain shirts and t-shirts. 

Nudes Lip Shades

                     The peachy and plum colours are so sophisticated and graceful for any time ramp or in your daily life. If your mood for no strong makeup and want to look stunning and bright, go for naked coloured lip shade. 

                 The classic nude shades are the best sellers of recent times, its always better you go with the lip shades which goes with your skin tone, it could be glossy or matt the lip shade you choose as to fit in with your skin tone for you to give that natural make up. 

Pastel Colours

                      Peachy, minty and yellow-blue colours are the current trendy colours for the clothing. These colours give you a breezy, fresh look, it goes with any coloured pants, skirts or the whole pastel dress is a miracle for the event. 

                    Be the elegant, graceful, light, fresh and candy girl and flaunt the new shades in trend smartly by pairing and styling it with rich accessories. Grab one today, because they are essential colours to your closet. 

2020 has been a blast for fashion, follow the style or create one for yourself but wear clothes that matter to you and rock it with passion, grace, and bravery. Don’t wait for more boss girl, pick your favorite and add that to your closet today.  

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