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Types of Wide Brim Hats

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Nothing can beat wide brim hats when it comes to style and versatility. You can wear them on a variety of occasions without feeling out of place. From their practical purpose to fashionable style, wide brim hats have got it all set for you. They give a unique touch to even the most mundane outfits.

With that, there are numerous wide brim hat types you can choose from. Read on to learn which style suits your statement best!

Fedora Hat

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Fedora hats are undoubtedly representative of wide brim hats. It’s an iconic and timeless piece that highlights a classy and well-dressed signature look. While short brim fedoras are more popular, the wide brim variants are also getting into style today.

Its structure incorporates a dented crown, pliable brim, creased center, and pinched sides. In this way, it suits various face shapes and works for formal and informal events. The common materials used in its construction are wool felt, fur felt, leather, cotton, etc. 

Gambler Hat

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You can never go wrong with a stylish gambler hat. It’s a hat that exudes a strong, suave character that will make you stand out from the crowd. It’s slightly like a smaller, more distinct version of a cowboy hat. What sets it apart from popular Western hat styles is its unique oval crown that sits on top of its wide brim.

Gambler hats usually make use of straw, wool, help, leather, and other materials. The original users of gambler hats are riverboat gamblers posing as wealthy landowners. Its cool, stylish, and laid-back style is primarily thanks to its association with the classic film Gone With The Wind.

Bucket Hat

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It is without a doubt that bucket hats are the representative piece of the hipster style today. The distinguishing characteristic of bucket hats is their bucket-like crown and droopy brim. It is chic, effortless, and stylish to wear along with all sorts of casual street outfits. 

The bucket hat offers a subtle and unique dynamic to even the simplest clothing combinations. It’s common to wear as a trendy and free-spirited summer and day-to-day hat.

Boater Hat

Another classic addition to our list is the boater hats. From its name, boater hats were a common sight at boating and sailing events before. It has a unique construction that has never changed throughout history. The boater hat formula is a straw hat with a short, flat crown top and flat brim.

The type of straw materials used in its construction vary. Plus, it typically incorporates a red ribbon matched with another color like blue or black. 

Outback Hat

The structure of outback hats is straightforward from its name. It has a rugged style that takes inspiration from Australia’s remote outback. That’s why we also refer to it as Aussie hats. It has a medium profile, wide brim, and teardrop crown shape. It’s common to turn its brim up slightly on the sides.

Because it’s an outdoor hat, it usually has a firm and water-repellent material. It’s the perfect hat choice for extreme weather conditions in the desert. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever the occasion or whatever your style is, there is a perfect wide brim hat awaiting you. Don’t be afraid to go bold, go wide, and add a unique dynamic to your statement!

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