What Jewellery to Wear With Saree?


The Indian saree is the most elegant and gorgeous traditional outfits that a woman can wear. It is an excellent and dynamic piece of clothing that can be worn in a variety of ways and complemented with different types of accessories. That makes it perfect for any special event or even for everyday wearing. 

Choose the Right Type of Saree

To choose an ideal set of jewellery ornaments, you must be aware of the type of sarees you usually wear or are planning to wear. For a saree with heavy embroidery work, you must go with the simplest design of jewellery items. You can flaunt your beautiful look with a long necklace along with gold stud designs with a gemstone as a centrepiece, or you can go with a choker along with a sturdy diamond bracelet. You may also go with a stylish hanging earring set and skip the necklace entirely.

A long necklace can be worn with a saree if the pallu of the saree is free, while a short necklace would look stunning with a pleated pallu. 

You can combine many other ways also but always keep in mind that if going with a heavy one thing, go for the lighter one with another. Going completely heavy with a saree and jewellery will keep your clothing highlighted, not you. Similarly, going with the lighter saree and jewellery will not bring your jewellery style in focus, and you’ll probably be looking normal like every day.

Flaunt the Antiques

From silver traditional earrings to the gold jhumkas, flourishing yourself with antique styles of jewellery on special occasions or festivals could get yourself highlighted and make you the centre of attention at any party. 

A saree is an ideal complement to temple jewellery as well as modern antique jewellery styles. Choosing the right selection can enhance the overall appeal of any outfit, so try different variations which could look great based on your skin tone and body structure.

Diamond is your Friend, Always

You can always flaunt your gorgeous self with the latest diamond ring designs or even a diamond necklace. This is one of those jewellery accessories that can neither go out of style, nor it can look bad, on any type of dress or occasion. When worn alongside a graceful outfit, such as a saree, your beauty not only gets enhanced but the overall personality and looks will change.

Diamonds are a symbol of status and style so flaunting even a single carat on a ring can bring your outlook on a whole different level. Try on with different styles of necklace and earrings as well, to find the perfect look, exclusively for you.

Skin Tone vs Jewellery

Your skin tone will also play an important role in deciding which colour saree and jewellery to go for. A warmer skin tone will enhance your overall look if you go for jewellery with a golden colour i.e. no silver jewellery. If you still wish to go for silver, try to look for gold-plated jewellery. You can go for a warm coloured saree like red, yellow, or orange which will be a remarkable choice to go with gold jewellery. If you have a light skin tone, diamond and silver coloured jewellery would be your best choice. 

The Experimentation

In addition to trying different combinations as mentioned, you can also experiment with different designs on your own choice; after all, it’s you who has to wear it. Some women try on different coloured sarees, and on each saree, they will try different types of jewellery to see which one looks most charming and beautiful. Do try it and see what makes you stunning.