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What to Wear to a Concert: 10 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Summer is officially here, live music is coming back and it’s time to buy tickets to your next concert. There’s just something about a summer night at a concert with friends that is so special and memorable, regardless of whether you’re seeing live music at a tiny dive bar or a huge outdoor amphitheatre. Concerts are a chance to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, listen to your favorite music and, of course, plan a stellar outfit for the night.  

Concert outfits can range from cool and chic to outrageous and over the top. Depending on who you’re seeing and where the concert is being held, your outfit might be somewhere in the middle of the two. There are a few other factors to consider when planning a concert outfit as well, including weather, temperature and the perfect cute to comfortable ratio. If you’re thinking about potential outfits for an upcoming concert, here are 10 different outfit ideas for imitation and inspiration. 

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1. Distressed Jeans: You can definitely use what you already have in your closet when planning your next concert outfit! Grab your favorite distressed, washed out, faded or ripped trendy jeans and use them as a base for your look. Wearing something you’re comfortable in is great because you’ll be free to dance and move around with confidence until the end of the set. 

Styling Tip: Rock your top! Jeans are a great base for any style of shirt. Whether it be a one shoulder bodysuit, cropped t-shirt or trendy ruffled blouse, you can always count on your favorite jeans to tie everything together. 

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2. Classic Band Tee: Perhaps the most classic and cool of all concert outfits is the band t-shirt look. A stylish t-shirt is a concert-going staple and works great for just about any form of live music! 

Styling Tip: Pair your band tee with a cute skirt to elevate the look. Add a leather jacket and dark-colored heels for a completely rocker-chic look. 

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3. An Unmatching Set: A concert is the perfect place to mix things up a little bit. The fun and creative environment at concerts might make you feel better about wearing a bold outfit or trying out a new style or trending look. Since this is the case, why not break a fashion rule or two? Mixing prints is a great way to spice things up and create the perfect non-matching look. 

Styling Tip: Coordinate a general color scheme with differing prints for a more monochromatic look, or let your creativity run wild and let colors clash for a more undone ensemble. 

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4. Crossbody or Belt Bag: It’s important to choose the right accessories when dressing for a concert. This is especially important for handbag choice because there’s nothing more annoying than having to carry around a bunch of stuff all night. Go for a small backpack or crossbody that keeps things hands-free and easy. 

Styling Tip: Make a statement with your bag, too. Now’s your chance to break out a fun novelty bag or a fun-colored bag. 

5. Comfy-Cute Shoes: Remember that you’ll probably be standing for most of the evening, so keep that in mind while choosing shoes to wear to a concert. Popular concert shoes include leather sandals, combat boots and comfortable heels. There’s nothing better than wearing cute sneakers to a concert, though. They’re the perfect balance between cute and comfortable and can add the perfect touch to your concert outfit. 

Styling Tip: Don’t be afraid to get a little down and dirty! Now’s the time to wear your beat up Converse or other stylishly-stained sneaks. 

6. Leather and Denim: These two materials are staples for your summer concert wardrobe. On chillier summer nights, bring along a leather moto jacket for a stylish cover-up. Denim jackets and button-downs pull together a perfectly-undone outfit. These are also great for bottoms as well, as a leather or denim skirt adds some flirty fun to your concert outfit, too. 

Styling Tip: Mix up leather and denim and play around with different textures. Pair a leather jacket with jeans or an oversized denim shirt with leather leggings. 

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7. An Effortless Dress: Warmer temperatures mean more room for sundresses in your closet! A cute dress is your one-way ticket to an easy, fun and romantic concert outfit. Go for a solid colored dress with bold accessories or a printed dress that speaks for itself. 

Styling Tip: Throw on a pair of boots with your dress for a cute and casual vibe. Whether you go for booties, combat boots or an over the knee situation, you’ll have the perfect concert look. 

8. A Dressed Up Look: The option to dress up a little more is always available. If you’re looking to stand out or are attending a concert at a nicer venue, you should definitely take things up a notch and elevate your outfit. 

Styling Tip: Throw on a pair of heels with distressed jeans to make your denim look appear nicer. If you’re wearing sneakers, pair them with a skirt and nice top or even a cute dress. Accessories are your friend here! Add a shiny clutch or stack of bracelets to make your look sparkle. 

9. Elevated Cutoffs: If a classic pair of denim shorts is your go-to for concerts, consider elevating the other pieces in your look to switch it up a little. Go for a printed blouse or sweater with cutoffs to bring everything together. 

Styling Tip: Add a statement belt to your favorite denim shorts for a different look. 

10. Power Jumpsuit: There are so many ways to rock a one-piece suit to a concert. This is another super-easy way to make a huge statement with your outfit. 

Styling Tip: Pair a denim jumpsuit with biker boots or a printed jumpsuit with neutral sandals for a daring and memorable look. 

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