Which One Is Better: Bucket Hats or Baseball Hats?

baseball hats

It’s no secret that many people struggle to decide whether they should wear some custom baseball hat or bucket hats. And while both tend to provide adequate sun protection, we decided we would help you make that final decision by quickly comparing the two hat accessories. This means considering several important factors, such as; sun protection, comfort, convenience, style, etc. 

By the end of this article, we will not only give our verdict, but also you should be able to make an informed decision, the next time you are shopping for a new hat, but can’t seem to pick between the two.

1. Sun Protection

There is no question that sun protection is possibly the most important thing to consider when using a hat. After all, that’s what hats are supposed to be for. This means picking something that ensures you would be sunburnt or end up catching sunstroke, especially on those hot sweltering days. And while style is somewhat subjective, there is no doubt that custom bucket hats are superior. This is because they offer a 360-degree brim, while baseball hats only come with a single visor that extends in one direction. However, when it comes to fitting they both tend to be made in adjustable varieties, with bucket hats offering a rear drawcord and baseball hats, coming with adjustable straps in the back. 

Also, both varieties will usually come featuring several unique styles and materials, with some coming with small holes and even mesh designs to help cool yourself down. However, they both are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon, so you can take your time to find something that not only keeps the sun from your head. But, it also makes you feel stylish in the process too. On the other hand, if you find yourself wanting to get something specific, it’s preferable to order something custom-made from the right manufacturer.

2. Comfort

When it comes to which hat offers more comfort, this will depend on the specific material that it is manufactured from. For instance, baseball hats usually come with a stiff visor, so this may not feel too comfortable if worn for long periods. This would be even more uncomfortable, if you end up pressing your head on another surface, like trying to sleep on a bed, for example. However, as stated before both come with the option of adjustable fitting, especially if you order customized bucket hats or baseball caps. So, in most cases, you won’t have to worry, if it is too tight or too loose. As such, the final decision will be a result of which material is used. Some hats are made of leather, cotton, wool, or even synthetic fabrics, like polyester. So, you need to consider what material will suit you best. And also you need to find a brand that sells the hat you want in your preferred fabric.

3. Convenience

A baseball hat cannot be considered an inconvenient hat. However, if you compare it to a bucket hat, there is a distinct disadvantage. For example, since bucket hats are made of a soft and flexible brim, this means they are much easier to wash and carry. However, when dealing with baseball hats, trucker hats, or even custom snapback hats, you will always have to worry about the visor being damaged or misshapen. Plus, bucket hats come with breathable fabrics. This is different when compared to the cardboard or plastic that comes in baseball cap visors.

On the other hand, both hats are unlikely to frustrate you since they both come with adjustable fitting properties. So, you don’t have to worry about your hat being swept away by the wind. Or having to chase after it all the time, either.

Conclusion: Which Hat Is Best?

After breaking it down, it is clear that the two hats are equal in style and convenience. However, there is a clear advantage that swings in the favour of the bucket hat, when it comes to overall UV protection. The fact that s offers a wide 360 brim, ensures your whole head is fully protected from back to front. Most critically, this also includes cover for your ears, which are probably the most exposed parts of your head, if you often wear baseball caps. 

However, if you decide that the bucket hat isn’t your style, you can always wear a baseball hat. But, you can also try to be pairing it with a hoodie to help protect your ears and neck, as well. Alternatively, you can also make sure that you have applied sunscreen on those parts of your head. And face ensuring that your skin stays protected from any harmful UV rays. This is especially important when you are out and about on those scorching summer days.

Plus, most hat manufacturers and customizers offer both types of hats in their catalogs. As such, you only have to find one that matches your quality standards, and you can pick out something perfect for you or for promoting your brand/business.