Why are Graphic Tees Making a Huge Fashion Comeback

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Graphic tees are back and they are more popular than ever. Odds are, we have all had a graphic tee at one point or other in our lives and we probably lived in it. Graphic tees are a great way to express yourself, to make a style statement, and they are just more comfortable it seems than other clothing options. So, why are graphic tees and women’s graphic tees making a comeback, let’s take a closer look.

The Creation of the Graphic Tee

The graphic tee as we know it started to gain popularity and mass production in the 1960s when printing tee shirts became easier and faster than ever before. Prior to the 1960s the process to create a graphic tee shirt was long, drawn out and expensive, after, the process became faster and more economical making it a possible option for the masses. Though graphic tees were around before the 1960s, with one of the first being featured on LIFE magazine courtesy of the Air Corps in 1942, they really did not become widely popular until the 1960s.

The 1960s was a tumultuous time at best. With political upheaval around every corner and something for everyone to fight for, the 1960s was also the start, for many people, of their keen interest in and ability to fight for what they believed in. Graphic tees offered a chance to display messages about political belief and affiliation, a chance to share what you felt and what you were thinking, and a seemingly harmless way to express yourself through your shirt and the clothing that you chose. As the tee became more and more popular, in the 1970s custom tee shirt shops started popping up all over with people making heat transfer shirts on the spot.

Silk screening gradually became possible and more popular as it offered a great outcome that would not crack and fade with time like the heat transfer tee shirts. There are now hundreds of different ways that manufacturers can create custom graphic tees without spending a ton of money so that the savings can be passed on to the customer. Graphic tees are still just so much fun and are an excellent way to express yourself, to jazz up your wardrobe, and to have a great time getting dressed in the morning.

Why are Graphic Tees Making a Comeback?

Some people might ask, why are graphic tees suddenly so popular again? The simple answer is that we are now a culture that values individuality. We are now more focused than ever on valuing the individual and valuing what they love and what they care about than we ever were before. We are also a society that is moving away from overly formal trends and back to our roots, having more fun than ever with how we dress and how we choose to express ourselves.

Since the start of the pandemic that we are all still struggling with, more and more people are working from home, being their own boss, or just taking time off to reflect and to take stock of their lives. There are less people working in offices or working terribly formal jobs than ever before and this freedom has allowed many to take the time to revisit their roots and to upgrade their wardrobe with clothes that they are actually excited to put on each morning.

Graphic tees can have a huge effect on how happy you are to get dressed each day and they can add a super fun flare to any outfit that you choose to put on. The right graphic tee can tell people how you are feeling that day, it can make your outfit interesting and unique, or it can tell people about your business or your interests like bands that you might be listening to. A graphic tee presents a chance to be a walking billboard. Instead of a boring one color shirt that is practical and matches every other piece of your wardrobe, a graphic tee is a safe and fun form of expression.

You can get tees that have your business name on them if you have transitioned to being your own boss, you can get a shirt with your favorite band on it, or you can just opt for cute designs that may be a bit mainstream but are still fun and easy to add to your wardrobe. The possibilities are endless. There are so many great tees out there, both old and new and many brands are revisiting the trend and creating some great tees that are hip and current and that would be super fun to add to your clothing collection. The right graphic tee can make anyone feel great about themselves