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Why are Mink Fur Coats so Popular Around the World?

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When you think of a mink coat, you may be reminded of superstars such as Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe. But actresses, singers and famous people today still love mink, as we can see in pictures, of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. But why is mink still so popular in most countries? Here is the explanation.

Going Out in Style

The most common reason that you will hear, coming from people who wear fur, is that putting on a mink coat brings you style. It is not surprising that most of the biggest names, in designer fashion, still introduce at least one mink coat in all of their collections. Most of those who wear designer clothes have one mink coat hanging in their closet and are usually waiting for the next one to catch their eyes. Mink is also very stylish because it is a short hair fur. It augments the sentiment of class, when someone is seen with one. Long hair fur can sometimes be associated to a more glamour culture. But the short hair mink will always be worn by those who have taste and like to show it.

A Soft Coat that will last a Lifetime

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Buying a mink coat is an investment. It is something that will never go out of style, unless you decide to buy one that is highly stylized, or in a particular colour. Today, you can find mink tainted in yellow, pink and other bright colours. This said, black, beige and gray are still the most popular ones. Its softness is one of the attributes that women love the most. The feel on the hand, as you caress the fur, is unique, even compared to other fur coats. Since you can buy it long or short, and in various styles, there is basically a mink coat for everyone.

The Right Apparel to wear on a Cool Day

A mink fur coat is not meant to be worn to go to work. As you have understood by now, it is clothing that you wear to go out in the evening, to look your best. As soon as the temperature turns a little colder, in the fall, you can take out your mink coat and start wearing it to go to the restaurant, theatre or an evening out with friends. Depending on the length, you may wear it through winter, as well. This is a coat that is meant to keep you comfortable when it gets chilly, yet will not leave you overly warm. 

The Price is Right

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When you buy a fur coat, you always think about the price, naturally. In comparison to other fur coats, mink is actually more affordable. Especially if you compare it to a similar fur, such as beaver. Although they share many attributes, it will cost you less to acquire a mink coat than a beaver one, bringing you great value and style, all at once. 

Mink will not leave the fashion market any time soon. Its high demand is recognized by fashion designers, who continue to create great looking coats, for a large variety of persons. You just might be one of them!

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