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Winter is here, and you need a good skincare routine that works for your skin type. While choosing products for your skin, it is better to keep them herbal and organic. Here are some fundamental techniques to help you maintain a flawless skin during this dry season.

1. Cleansing and Toning: It is so crucial to have clear skin before applying products on your skin. Use a gentle scrub to remove the blackhead and then apply a toner. There are various alcohol-free toners available on Take a small amount of toner in your hand and apply it gently to your skin or you may also use a cotton ball and dab the toner to your skin.

  • Scrub twice a week to remove the dead cells on your face.
  • There are face washes made for oily, dry and regular skin type. Select a face wash that serves your specific needs. Wash your face twice daily.
  • Do not skin using toner as it helps to close down the open pores on your skin and keeps your skin tight. The secret to glass skin is to use toner regularly.

2. Moisturizing: This is the key step that you cannot avoid. Different seasons require for specific moisturizers. Choose a night cream and another one for morning use. Always remove the make-up before putting on the night moisturizers.

  • While applying moisturizers always do it in an upward motion, starting from the neck up. This exercise helps the skin stay tight and increase blood flow.
  • Avoid heavy oil-based cream at night as the product is to stay on the face whole night. Instead, add a light formula that is infused with vitamins to products.

3. Food Intake: Nutrition plays a significant role in the quality of overall health. Try avoiding junk and greasy food to avoid pimples.


4. Oil Massage: for an overall relaxing experience have a full body oil massage now and then. Weed-oil that is infused with marijuana is known to have therapeutic effects on the body as it soothes the nerves and leaves your rejuvenated and fresh. To access CBT oil and other marijuana products, visit your nearest DC dispensary. The medicinal components of marijuana have healing effects on overall health.

5. Exercising: Make-ups and beauty products can only do so much. Formulate a routine and workout under the supervision of a trainer if possible. If you are not too keen on hitting the gym as of now, try freehand exercising.

  • Running and jogging improves blood circulation of the cells, making the skin look radiant and young.
  • Do not stay up till late night as there is no under eye cream good enough to get rid of those dark circles. Having a full seven hours of uninterrupted sleep is necessary for overall well-being. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

If your job demands odd hours and busy scheduling, make sure you keep aside time for your grooming and caring. A few lifestyle changes may increase skin quality and overall beauty by leaps and bounds.