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Wondering how to make your Cyberpunk Fashion Rock? Read on

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Ask any new generation kid about what is meant and referred by Cyberpunk and they would rattle off. This is basically a futuristic sub-genre that emphasis on high technology and low life. This is the futuristic world that is dominated by artificial intelligence and cybernetics. 

One can also say that it is a futuristic theme of science fiction. The same has been mentioned and referred to in various kinds of comics and science fiction movies. So, if you are planning to sport a new age edgy look one that is inspired by science fiction then Cyberpunk fashion is your best bet.

What is Cyberpunk Fashion?

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Next-generation is in love with cyberpunk fashion. It is a fantasy world of fashion where dresses and clothes are designed keeping in mind what kind of futuristic clothes the people across the world might wear.

Since it’s supposed to be the fashion of the future era it comprises various kinds of jumpsuits, metal straps, metallic elements and extensive use of leather. 

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Cyberpunk fashion is the term used to describe or categorize this fashion era and phenomenon.  When we simply talk about punk fashion we basically refer to lots of mix and match, an amalgamation of various elements, loads of leather, worn-out stuff, something that can be done by yourself and so on.

Ideally, punk fashion clothes cannot be bought from a store shelf. Rather, the clothes need to be carefully curated by adding a personalized touch to the clothes and giving it a punk look and feel. This is something that needs to be assembled or made by hand.

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These clothes can have a retro look or a vintage look or even a lean and grungy feel and so on. This is a customized attire where we can do a lot of things by himself and customize as per your taste and liking.

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Cyberpunk Fashion Brands that are Ruling the Fashion World

There are various kinds of brands across the world who are ruling the fashion scene. These fashion brands are conscious about the taste of the Cyberpunk lovers and have a plethora of options for them to decide from. These fashionable clothing items are available for both Cyberpunk fashion women and men.

A few such eminent brands across the globe that have created a mark for themselves in this segment of fashion are:

  • Acronym
  • Aether
  • Aitor Throup
  • Arc’teryx
  • Arc’teryx veilance
  • Endless Ammo
  • Maharishi
  • Nay

and so on.

Since this genre of clothing is inspired by future wear and fiction world it has inspired a fashion aesthetic and lifestyle that is loved and desired by the punk lovers.

A lot of different everlasting materials like leather are seen to be extensively used in these clothing collections. They are popular in cyberpunk fashion and have an impressive lineup as leather jackets, pants, boots and so on.

Many of the stylists who are trying to dress Cyberpunk fashion men are relying on the leather on the leather look and are actually using this platform to promote a lot of functional, abstract DIY clothing items.

A few Clothing Items Targeted for Cyberpunk Fashion Men

Men are also known to be glued on to these cyberpunk looks and feel. They have certain important dressing items like hooded t-shirts, asymmetrical men’s shirt, Sci-fi men’s clothing fashion, hooded shrugs, snood scarf, assassin’s hoodie, black cyberpunk vest, black hoodie, hive mind, cyberpunk scarf, pastel gothic wear, crisis wear clothing, robot leggings and so on.

Cyberpunk Fashion Guide

In most of the cyberpunk fashion guide followed by most of the fashion stylists, they ensure these few important facts:

Use of Leather: A lot of their clothes and accessories are made using leather and leather scraps. These clothes have a lot of mirrorshades paired with cowboy boots in leather to create a much-awaited look and feel.

Matrix Inspired: Many of the stylists are also known to opt for cyberpunk fashion that is inspired by the Matrix movie.  A lot of trench coats made with latex are used to recreate this look. Cool shades in reflecting hues are a signature accessory in such looks.

Techwear: This is also a part of Cyberpunk fashion. This is an urban sleek look where fits are looser and clothes are comparatively comfortable and they have an attached hoodie in them to create a futuristic look.

Watches: The cyberpunk look is incomplete without the watches that are style statements by themselves. The watches are slick and are tricky to read. The Casio G shock is one such range that fits the bill completely.


So, if you are planning to sport a futuristic look then look nowhere else. The cyberpunk fashion is one such genre that helps one create a distinct look for themselves and stand apart from the rest.

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