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5 Tips on How to Write a Fashion Article

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The world of fashion is unbeatable, even by pandemics and lockdowns. The year 2020 has proven this axiom once again. The newest fashion trends, cruise collections, and digital fashion shows are spotlighting nowadays, even more than ever. This industry is an excellent choice to write about as there a lot of people who will gladly read such materials. However, not many people know how to write a fashion article that will be fresh and engaging for readership. This post will find some ultimate hacks that will help create a great article on fashion.

1. Choose a topic that excites you

A topic must first stimulate you as an author to explore it and dig deep. Fashion is a very broad subject, and it is recommended to start by narrowing it into particular niches. Here are the most attention-drawing branches of the fashion world to explore:

  • The history of fashion. You can choose a particular epoch or go through all the historical highlights.
  • Biographies of famous fashion designers. It is a pure source of topics full of inspiration.
  • Digital fashion. More and more fashion designers opt for digital clothes, and it is a fascinating trend.
  • Fashion in different fields (show business, politics, etc.). For example, you can research how trends correlate with politicians’ image.
  • The genesis of different fashion trends. A topic for those who love digging deep.
  • Correlation between fashion and art, music, painting, etc. Plenty of topics can be found in these contiguous industries. 

2. Be careful with structuring

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An article on any topic must follow an appropriate structure and draw readership attention by not being illogical. The same approach will be practical when it comes to an article on fashion. Define a topic and write a brief outline. It will save you precious time and give you confidence that nothing is missed. Remember that you must keep in mind your audience while writing and follow the logical path strictly. Otherwise, your readership will be bored with your text even if the topic is exciting.

3. Your industry awareness matters a lot

There are different types of fashion-related information sources to consider when you explore your fashion article topic. You can start by going through various fashion magazines. Do not forget to read blogs, listen to fashion podcasts, watch vlogs. It will be sufficient to sign up for social network accounts of famous fashion houses. You need to keep yourself on track in the industry to see the whole picture.

4. Visit a fashion show 

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One of the most inclusive fashion experiences you might get is to become a guest of the fashion show. Hopefully, you live in a big city and have an opportunity to visit any of the annual world-recognized fashion events. But even if you do not have a chance to become an offline visitor, the era of online shows opens huge prospects to anyone willing to dive into the art of beautiful fashion performances. 

5. Look for unexpected inspiration sources

Fashion designers frequently look for inspiration, so you need to be in tune with the trends. Train yourself to notice fashion everywhere you go. For example, when you watch movies that are not related to fashion, you can compare actors’ styles and recall some fashion tips from that era. 

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