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CBD Oil For Dogs And Mistakes Pet Parents Make

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With a broader product range for pets and more clinical evidence showing the potential effects, the demand and popularity for cannabidiol for dogs grows every day. CBD treats for dogs is available in market. Unfortunately, people are turning to the compound without guidance and with little preliminary research.

The compound is non-psychoactive, preventing a pup from developing a euphoric high. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for this reaction and is typically found in the marijuana side of cannabis. CBD is abundant in the hemp species.

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CBD is notable for its therapeutic properties, the reason scientists are studying the cannabinoid, and why there is a demand. Pet parents need to engage in adequate research before providing the substance to their dogs and allow a vet to guide the animal’s care, however.

Countless companies attempt to take advantage of the demand for CBD oil by selling the compound. Unfortunately, many of these businesses offer products of a much lesser quality. Often results show the ingredients have little to no CBD or there are elevated levels of THC. These can be detrimental to a pup. Open this to see what to avoid when searching for CBD oil products.

Mistakes Pet Parents Can Prevent When Providing CBD to Dogs

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Scientists are finding properties with CBD oil effective for canines in specific health-related conditions. It’s up to pet parents to have caution when using the products for a puppy’s wellness.

Mistakes happen when individuals don’t take the time to consult a medical professional or perform minimal research on the brand and the products purchased. Some of the more common mistakes for people who are new to CBD for pets include:

Taking The Time To Select A Delivery Method

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Administration plays a primary role in how CBD oil affects your dog. There are a vast array of formulas to meet every need. Using a dropper or offering edibles such as CBD treats are recommended as the optimum technique for canines.

Some dogs are picky, meaning you might need to drop the oil onto dry food for the animal to ingest, or perhaps, use a topical and rub it into the skin. The creams and salves won’t get into the bloodstream, however. These will serve for localized injuries, skin disorders, aches, and pains. Find out what parents are doing wrong when using CBD for their dogs at

CBD Oil For Dogs And Mistakes Pet Parents Make
CBD Oil For Dogs And Mistakes Pet Parents Make

THC In Elevated Quantities

THC is a cannabinoid found abundantly in marijuana and mere trace levels in hemp. In some cases, lower quality products will have higher THC levels, unbeknownst to the pet parent. The effect can be mind-altering for the dog and create severe side effects. Depending on the amount, it can prove dangerous for the animal.

The legal amount of THC for a pet product is 0.3% or less. The pet parent needs to have due diligence in checking for a certificate of analysis with products before purchasing. These divulge the amount of THC and CBD in every item.

If a company doesn’t engage in third-party lab testing or won’t reveal the certificate of authenticity, it’s wise to buy from a different brand.

Dose For Your Pet

Understanding how to dose the pup is vital. The packaging the products come in provides dosing guidelines based on the weight and size of the animal. These are approximations because there are no regulations or recommended daily allowances at this time.

Your dog’s regular vet is also a credible resource to help you to get the dose to an accurate level. The recommendation is to start at the small end of the scale for your pup’s condition.

The animal should stay at the same dose for a few weeks until his body acclimates to the substance for true effect. If necessary, you can increase the amount if puppy has no genuine improvement.

While it’s okay to increase the dose (a little) after a period, you want to stick with one delivery method. In this way, you’re getting similar dosing each time. Using more than one form could result in a difference in dosing, even slightly, making it challenging to decipher effectiveness and dosage accuracy.

A suggestion is to make any changes after puppy has been taking the same delivery method at the same level for approximately a month. If you notice side effects or an adverse reaction, either the dog ingested too much, or CBD is not right for your pup.

You can decrease the dosage and try once more, but if the reaction continues, you’ll want to stop using the compound. A vet should have involvement throughout the process.

Final Thought

The most significant mistake pet parents make with CBD oil is presenting it to their dogs without consulting with a medical professional. Seeking advice from a veterinarian should be the immediate step taken.

The resource can provide valuable knowledge and experience like suggestions for dosage, brands, and which delivery method might work best for your specific pup.

This is also the person who knows your dog’s history as far as medications with which the compound might interact or any underlying conditions the animal might suffer with which the substance might interfere.

When it comes to your pet’s health, there is no room for mistakes. It’s vital to be mindful of the quality of the products you’re providing, how you offer the compound to your pet, the ingredients comprising the substance, and how much to give your dog.

Not only is it essential to perform a substantial amount of research to obtain answers to these questions, but you must employ the expertise of your pet’s medical provider to maintain the health and wellness of your dog as a responsible pet parent.

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