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How to Spice Up Your Bedroom

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We’ve all been there. You know, that point in the relationship where the sex life becomes a bit monotonous and it is difficult to turn up the heat like you could at the earlier stages of the relationship.

This is something that most couples go through and is absolutely nothing to stress about. There can be a range of reasons as to why this is happening—from hormone imbalances to external stresses. But the good news is that it is actually not that hard to spice things up in the bedroom again.

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In fact, it is easier than you probably think!

We’ve collected tips and advice from experts in this field on how people like you can spice up the bedroom once again and do it in just a few easy steps! So just try one of these out and watch the bedroom go from cold to hot in an instant!

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1. Invest in fun underwear

Seriously,fun underwear is not just for the ladies! Turn your partner on with underwear designed to turn them on. And take your time teasing them with it! Nothing gets sexier than a hot underwear number, so it and let it do most of the hard work for you!

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2. Roleplay

One of the best ways to turn your partner on in the bedroom is by role-playing. Create a naughty scenario that is so opposite to your normal personalities and have fun acting it out. We guarantee you will end up being surprised by just how hot and steamy that bedroom gets!

3. Candles and flowers

If your partner is a romantic, get it on by taking the time to light some candles and lay rose petals on the bed. It is a cliché, but some people really dig cliches. So plan your night earlier on and get the bedroom all prepared, so when you lead your partner in, they will be absolutely floored by the extra effort you put into making it an extra special night.

4. Ditch the bedroom

Sometimes it makes a difference when you just switch up the location. If the bedroom has suddenly become dull, spice it up in the kitchen or living room instead. A new location can easily bring out a wilder side that would have never normally been revealed in the bedroom. So while the bedroom does have its place, don’t be scared to expand into new territories as well.

5. Bring back the foreplay

This one is often missed out but important to remember. Foreplay is a great way to get you both into the mood and make the bedroom hot once again. Take your time pleasuring one another and go slowly. There is something so spicy and delicious when you take it slow and savor every second of touching one another. Do this and your bedroom will become the hottest place in the household again, guaranteed!

6. Re-arrange your bedroom

Sometimes your bedroom may just need a makeover. Invest in new sheets, move the position of the bed, change the lighting, and add some new décor. In a lot of instances, a few new details can completely change the ambiance of the bedroom and make it the new hot spot once again. The details are sometimes the make it or break it factor in whether or not the bedroom will become a steamy place once again. But there seems to always be something that turns you on when you feel like the room is a bit different—and need to break it in once again with steam hook up.

So if you are wanting to spice up the bedroom, try one of these six trips. You’ll be surprised at how impactful they really are!

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