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5 Hidden Dangers Of Not Wearing A Sports Bra During Workouts

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Many women underrate the importance of a good sports bra when working out. This is especially true for those with smaller breasts. Some may find it too much trouble changing into a sports bra and end up exercising in their regular bras or with none at all. However, a sports bra is crucial as the activewear you need during workouts.  

Breasts are made of tissue supported by fragile ligaments and skin. And whether your breasts are big or small, they move when you’re working out. Vigorous or repetitive breast movements can cause a lot of damage to your breasts. The sports bra offers you support, reduces breast movement, and keeps them in place as you move your body. (1) 

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Otherwise, you might cause significant damage to your breasts. This article shares what happens when you exercise without a sports bra.  

1. Breast, neck, and back pain 

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Without a proper sports bra, workouts can become a huge source of bodily pain and aches. The movements during an exercise routine and the weight of your breasts can affect your posture. As you try to limit the breast bounce, it can cause you to pull your head forward. This isn’t just uncomfortable but can also cause pain. 

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You may start experiencing pain in your breasts, neck, shoulders, and back. And sometimes you get headaches. This comes from straining as you try to maintain good posture and perform the required body movements. Wearing a sports bra will help keep the weight well distributed and restrict movement in your breast ligaments.  

However, ensure you’re wearing a sports bra that fits right to support your breasts properly. If you have smaller breasts, the compression sports bra is good enough. On the other hand, the best plus size sports bra is the “encapsulation” style that offers better support for bigger breasts. Don’t allow pain to come in the way of your healthy and active lifestyle. Get yourself a sports bra and keep exercising. 

2. Injury of the Cooper’s Ligaments 

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Cooper’s Ligaments are connective tissues that support and give your breasts their shape. They’re tough, fibrous, and flexible. You find them under the skin around and within your breast tissue. They connect your breasts to the chest muscles. Their primary purpose is to maintain your breast structure and shape. Although you can’t touch or feel them, vigorous movements may damage them.  

High-intensity workout activities such as jumping or running can affect Cooper’s Ligaments by causing excessive stretching, pulling the skin in the process. When this happens, it might cause your breasts to sag. However, wearing a sports bra will keep everything in place. There will be reduced movements, saving the ligaments and skin from damage. Encapsulation sports bras are considered particularly good for proper support of your Cooper’s ligaments. (1) 

3. Damaged skin and stretch marks 

Unfortunately, when your breast ligaments and skin stretch, it’s not just sagging that you’ll have to deal with. You may end up with unsightly stretch marks as well. This may be possible if you make it a habit to do your workouts without wearing a sports bra. (3) 

Working out without the proper gear mostly happens when exercising at home. To ensure that you won’t have to deal with this issue and can keep up your exercise routine without worry, give your breasts the required support.  

4. Increased risk of fungal infections 

The material and fabrics used to make sports bras are breathable, and they absorb sweat more than your regular bra. Basically, it’s designed to make you feel as comfortable and dry as possible during a workout session. It also keeps your breasts positioned correctly. 

Sweat deposits under your breasts can lead to fungal acne. When the folds of your skin, especially under your breasts, stay warm and moist, they become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The best way to prevent this is by wearing a sports bra to keep your breasts firmly positioned while absorbing the excess sweat. This is particularly important when your exercise routine includes a high-intensity workout, or when you’re exercising in warmer months. (4) 

5. Skin chafing 

In addition to fungal infection, skin rubbing from breast movement during exercise can cause irritation. If not checked, the rubbing, unsuitable bra fabric, and moisture can irritate your skin and may cause blisters, rashes, and cracks. This is called skin chafing. While it may not look like a severe problem initially, it can become worse over time, becoming excessively painful.  

When it becomes severe, you may have to seek treatment for your skin from a dermatologist. A well-fitting sports bra can help you stay away from skin chafing, have healthy skin, and enjoy your workout activities.  


It’s easy to stay active without putting much thought into what you are or aren’t wearing. However, the above dangers show that you need a sports bra every time you’re working out. It doesn’t matter what level of intensity or what size your breasts are. Always work out with a fitting sports bra.  


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