Facts About Sculpsure in San Antonio, TX


It could be frustrating sometimes when you are trying to lose weight but no matter how many extreme diets you try or how often you exercise daily, it could feel like nothing is happening. There are a lot of body sculpture procedures that you could get to help you with that, like Sculpsure fat removal with Sculpt Away. It is a procedure that is easy, fast, and could deliver results.

Here are some Facts About Sculpsure

1.    Helps in reducing some of your fats

One thing you have to remember when you are planning on getting Sculpsure is that it is not a weight-loss procedure, it is a body contouring procedure. But a big benefit that you could get when you get this procedure is fat reduction. Sculpsure would be able to help eliminate your fat cells permanently.

2.    Non-invasive

A big reason why a lot of people choose to get this treatment is that it is non-invasive, which means you would not have to get anesthesia, no bandages are needed whatsoever, no blood involved, and no stitches and sutures. This would mean that you would not get any kind of body trauma and there would be no bruises, with less risk of any infection.

3.    FDA-cleared

The job of the Food and Drug Administration is to make sure that the things that we are consuming are safe, making sure that the products and the services that we are using would not affect our health negatively. Sculpsure is a procedure that has gone through the whole screening procedure and has been cleared by health experts.

4.    You would feel no pain

Sculpsure is a painless procedure, you would not feel any discomfort despite using heat to get the results that you want. You wouldn’t need to use any aesthetics, no incisions made on your skin, and there would be no need for any bandages.

5.    Under your chin area

You tend to lose elasticity on your skin as you age and gravity is not helping out with your physical looks. This could lead to you having sagging skin and a double chin. Using Sculpsure is now FDS cleared to treat the fat in this area.

6.    It’s a relatively fast procedure

You are only going to need to set aside about 25 minutes for a session, and then you could be in and out of that clinic in no time. You would not need any downtime whatsoever, which means you could go back to work, run your errands, or go back home after a session.

7.    No waste

The difference between liposuction and Sculpsure is that liposuction would have to make an incision so that they could loosen up some of your fat and then they would use suction and suction it out. Sculpsure, on the other hand, uses a laser and the heat coming from it would help destroy some of your fat cells and then naturally flush it out of your system.

How Much Fat Can you Lose With Sculpsure in San Antonio?

If you are wondering about how much fat you would be able to lose with the Sculpsure procedure, you would get to remove about an average of 24 percent of your localized fat cells in the targeted area. You would get about 76 percent of fat cells in your abdomen that would be alive when you choose to get your treatment in that area, and you could lose an additional 24 percent of your fat cells when you go back for another treatment. So with 2 sessions, you could be left with about 57.76 percent of your fat cells.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Sculpsure?

●       Arms

●       Inner and outer thighs

●       Back

●       Left and right love handle

●       Upper and lower abdomen

●       Chin

How Many Times Can You Get Sculpsure?

When you are talking about how many times you could get your Sculpsure procedure, it would depend on the plan you and your provider have. One great thing about this procedure that you could get to this is that you are not just limited to one treatment. To get the results that you want, you are going to have to get about one to three treatments, depending on your aesthetic and body contouring goals. There are some people who have these very stubborn fats that are hard to get rid of, and you would be able to get treatment for several parts of your body all at once.