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How to wear a fanny pack on your chest

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If you have been outside anytime recently, there is a great chance you have seen someone slinging a fanny pack across their chest. It is a new trend, so naturally people have their opinions on how wearing a bag around your torso. I am sure your common 55-year-old-new-balance-sneaker-wearing-beer-belly-dad will have some negative comment about the style. They are the same old geezers that peaked in the 80’s when fanny packs around your waist where a thing. Do not worry about them. Wearing a fanny pack across your chest is not only fashionable, but it adds a whole new level of function when adventuring outdoors. With the Covid-19 pandemic pushing people outdoors even more now-a-days, it is important to find a happy medium in carry your phone and essentials around town while keeping your sense of fashion.

We have seen a multitude of different chest bags and ways to wear them. Some may fit your style while some may look foreign to you. With the increased demand for this style many companies are beginning to drop different designs to feed to craving for a good-looking bag around your chest.Below are the methods and styles that we have seen streetwear connoisseurs rock when wearing a fanny pack across their chest.

The Front Sling

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This is the most common way to wear a fanny pack across your chest. It is simply, does the job, and could really make an outfit come together. You can use any fanny pack, especially a retro one if you dig deep in your dad’s old dresser.

With the front sling method, you may experience some discomfort since there are only two points of contact for the bag to rest on your body. Also, the fanny pack may flop around if you were to make any sudden movements.

image 17
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The Chest Rig Bag

This chest utility pack is easily the most bad-ass and innovative way to wear a fanny pack across your chest. Just look at the design, it is symmetrically and well thought-out. Everyone knows that symmetry is beauty. Additionally, the pockets are strategically placed for certain items. This chest pack has a designated spot for your phone, wallet, keys, and jacket if you were to bring one. Correct us if we are wrong, but that is a lot of storage for only wearing a fanny pack across your chest.

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The Chest Rig Bag is seriously comfortable. It is made with anti-chafe neoprene, smooth nylon webbing, and non-abrasive nylon straps. If you are looking for a please and secure way to wear a fanny pack around your chest, the chest pack is undoubtedly your greatest option.

Finally, this chest rig back has reflective print on it, making it the best reflective running vest for your next run on the road. We are yet to find any other backs like this. As it is different than many of our other ways to wear a fanny pack across your chest, we think we may have to rank it as the number 1 method and best chest fanny pack for your money.

image 18

Ryan Lange/GenZ Outdoor

The Back Sling

When I tried the back sling method I was constantly getting choked by my strap. Now, I could have just been using a bad fanny pack. The look of it was a tad strange to me too, but that wasn’t the real reason I didn’t enjoy it. The actual pouch kept sliding down and back in front of me while I was running, that was SUPER annoying and aggravating.

image 19

The Original

This is probably the easiest and most casual way to wear a fanny pack. Unless your at an 80’s theme party or in the pit at a music festival, you won’t see many people wearing it this way. The only true reason being that it is out of style. Commonly you will see an old couple walking around Europe utilizing them. That is not to say that you should not use a product for its original use case!

Backward Original

When studying how fanny packs were utilized in the 80’s, I saw people exercising with their fanny pack turned backwards. To me this was strange, but they did not have technology and designs like the running chest bag back then. Furthermore, they needed to figure out how to prevent the bags from slapping their groin.

After further review, this style of wearing your fanny pack across your chest was actually pretty smart. The only downside being someone could easily steal from you if you were not being safe. So be sure to stay out of crowded areas with this method.

image 21


BONUS: Around your Arm

This has nothing to do with wearing a fanny pack around your chest, and I do not think this would be classified as an acceptable method of how to wear your fanny pack across your chest. Essentially, it is you are just wearing one of those awful arm bands for your phone that people use to run with. Nonetheless, we have seen a few people style it this way and pull it off. We assumed that it took a certain fanny pack to get it to stay on your arm.

image 22

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

If you are yet to wear a fanny pack across your chest, I highly suggest you give it a try. Fanny packs and chest bags are fashionable, functional, and original. There will rarely be a time that they fail you for whatever problem you are utilizing them for to solve. Look deep enough on a google search for, “best fanny pack,” or, “the best chest fanny pack,” and you will find something that will fit your sense of fashion.

If the 55-year-old dad comes up to you to spew some judgmental statement in your face about his opinion on the styling of your bag, toss it on him to show him how much better it was than what he was sporting back in his day. Maybe, just maybe, you will save the fashion sense of an old geezer rocking short shorts and a stain on his shirt.

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