Ways to Train Your Teenager to Be Independent

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Teenage is a tough time of life to be in and a hard-hitting phase for parents to handle. It is the time when your child is not a full-blown adult but is no more a kid either. It gets difficult to draw lines and be on the same page with your teenage child. To allow freedom, yet set boundaries can be a daunting and debilitating job. But when has parenting been every easy? 

Teenage years are also the time when your kid wants to act like an adult and explore the world independently. It is time for great learning. They may want you to extend the curfew time for their weekend night outs, or go online to us.pavementbrands.com and find themselves the perfect outfit, whatever so, the teenage period is all about exploring individuality. 

However, it is also essential for you as parents to stay cautious. Your children may want to become independent, but they currently do not know the actual meaning of self-reliance. If given too much freedom all at once, they may mess up and get in trouble. 

You do not need to worry, though, because, in the article ahead, we have managed to draw out some excellent ways and methods for you to train your teenager to be smartly independent. 

  • Let Them Do It on Their Own:

At times, even though we want our children to be independent and learn things on their own, we are often not, as parents, ready to give them that space. We must move out of the way and avoid hampering our child’s growth. As parents, it is natural not to find it easy to let go of our kids. 

Parents do everything for their children since birth; hence, it is unfathomable for them to let their kids be on their own. But the first and foremost principle of teaching kids independence is to, in actual let them be independent. If they want to go out with their friends, trust them, and let them go. If they’re going to choose their haircut at the salon, tell them it is their call. 

Your kids are also used to looking up to you for all the support. To instill independent decision-making, you will have to gradually take a step back and push them forward to make their own decisions. 

  • Avoid Criticism at All Cost:

Teaching kids how to do things is vital for their independence. If they are supposed to do live life alone, they need to know the correct way of doing things. However, you should avoid unnecessary criticism and reprimand while letting children do jobs on their own. 

Your children are separate individuals. They have their way of thinking and processing information. Pushing them to do things your way may kill their self-sufficiency and individuality. They will always need you to assure them whether they are doing things correctly or not. A significant part of becoming independent is confidence. Constant criticism may tarnish your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence that they can survive alone. 

The way to go about it is to let your children do things on their own without any interference. Once the task finishes, and you have watched over, you can start by praising them about how they did so well. Later, add how you think they could also do it in another way. It will help encourage discussion and give them a sense of responsibility they require to be independent. 

  • Do Not Expect Perfection:

Parents have high hopes for their children. They want their kids to be the best in everything. However, for teenagers who have just started figuring out life as an adult, this might not entirely apply. 

Your teenagers may be in the phase of exploring and getting the hang of things. To believe that they will do everything correctly and appropriately is a recipe for disaster. They will make mistakes and have problems surviving alone. If you expect perfection, you will not be able to stay calm once they mess up. It is what the majority of parents do, which destroys their kid’s psyche. You need to be ready and accepting of mistakes and errors. Once you are ready, you can give them the support and help they need when they slip-up.

Your teenagers do not require you reprimanding them on everything. It will create a distance between you and your children. Your teenagers would want you to be understanding and empathetic to this phase of growing up. Therefore, you need to ditch any expectations of perfection and be ready for learning based on blunders and slip-ups. 

  • Let Them Solve Their Problems:

Remember how your kid looked up to you when they spilt their glass of milk? It is for assurance that it is okay. It is also to ask you for help cleaning it up.

As your kids turn into teenagers, their habit of looking up to you will not change overnight. You will have to gradually and encouragingly instil problem-solving skills in them. However, the keynote to remember here is that you need to motivate kids for problem-solving while making them understand that you will always be there if the mess gets out of hand. It is a part of excellent parenting abilities. 

As parents, it will be your duty to tell your kids to work out their solutions to problems. It will be essential for their independence. Your teenagers need to devise a robust problem-solving system in them for living an independent life. 

  • Strike A Balance:

While trying to make your teenagers learn independence, it is essential to maintain a balance for a healthy parent-child relationship. It is okay if they mess up once or twice in something that they are effortlessly good at it. After all, you, as parents, are your kid’s support system. You can assist them with jobs and help them out. However, the only thing that needs to be taken care of is not creating an air of over-dependence on you. 


Teaching your kids independence while maintaining a healthy balance is tricky, but is not the entire process of raising your teenagers risky and confusing? As parents, we need to realize that there is no set benchmark that we need to achieve. Give your children space along with the love they need, and you are surely going to raise independent, self-sufficient teenagers!