12 Ideas for Cozy Autumn Weekend Activities

Seasonal Treats


Autumn weekends are perfect for cozy activities and unplugging from the demands of work or school. The colorful days of fall may inspire you to try new crafts, use old family recipes, or simply head outside. There are many delightful possibilities for relaxing fun. Take inspiration from the following ideas for autumn weekend activities. 

1. Bake Seasonal Treats

There are many tasty options for autumnal baking, from drop cookies to sweet pumpkin bread. Purchase an easy gluten free bread mix for a quick bake and stock your pantry with essential ingredients. Try your hand at decorating to add a bit of seasonal flair. Of course, your home will also smell amazing.

2. Pick Apples

A trip to the nearest apple orchard is a quintessential autumn activity. Some families may consider this a special tradition. Go early to beat the enthusiastic crowds and look for a variety of apples. Gather enough fruit to fuel your baking plans and grab a caramel apple for the drive home. 

3. Go Hiking

One of the best ways to enjoy crisp autumnal weather is to be surrounded by nature. Use a resource like All Trails to plan a hike that aligns with your physical abilities. Remember to snap photos of foliage and scenic vistas along the path. 

4. Watch Spooky Movies

Halloween movies are magical for kids and adults. Make a list of your favorite childhood movies to watch during October and November. Plan a movie marathon weekend to reconnect with teen witches or vintage romantic comedies.

5. Create Fall Decorations

Homemade decorations add a personal flair to store-bought displays. A crafty afternoon of paper creations can be great for your budget, too. Think about making a harvest wreath, a pumpkin banner, or friendly ghosts for your trees.

6. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches can be found in the country or at local community centers. Make a day of the outing by sipping a seasonal latte on the drive. Find fresh pumpkins that can be turned into glowing jack-o-lanterns. You can carve the pumpkins on the same day or make the fun last all month.

7. Cook Soup from Scratch

Gourds are the foundation of many hearty autumn soups. Learn to cook satisfying soups that use seasonal ingredients. Play your favorite music and savor the relaxed process. You can divide a large batch and freeze portions for later.

8. Start Holiday Shopping

Make a list, check it twice, and get all of your loved ones something nice. Autumn is a great time to start holiday shopping because local stores will be less crowded and you can stop to admire window displays. Finish all of your shopping over a weekend or two and enjoy stress-free holidays. 

9. Take a Scenic Drive

Perhaps you would prefer to view autumn foliage from the comfort of a warm seat. Plan a scenic drive around town or go to the closest national park. Look for houses and businesses with the best seasonal decorations.

10. Plan Halloween Costumes

Assemble or create your best Halloween costume ever. Spend a day with friends and brainstorm ideas. Challenge yourself to think outside the box and look beyond premade costumes. You could even have a girls’ night Halloween with costumes made from household items. 

11. Try Knitting 

Knitting can be accessible to people of all ages. All you need to start your first project is yarn, needles, and a video tutorial. Find a hat or scarf project guide on YouTube or find resources on knitting blogs. Once you have the basics down, you can listen to a good book or engaging podcast as you knit. 

12. Make Candles 

Purchase a candle-making kit and create the centerpiece for your autumn weekends. You can try a microwave or stovetop kit and mix in your favorite scent. Choose a charming seasonal container for your first candle, such as a small cauldron.  

Embrace the cooling pace of autumn weekends and make special memories with your friends and family.