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5 Rules for How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

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Starting our day with coffee is the perfect way to begin our morning. No matter how tired we are, popping in our favourite coffee pod and watching coffee brew is therapeutic. The result is an incredible cup of joe that makes us happy, alert, and all ready to take the day head-on.

Now, to get this perfect cup of morning bliss, you do not have to wait in line at a cafe. Or pay for overpriced coffee. You can drink the best coffee by brewing it at home. All you need is fresh coffee, correct water, and attention. The last one is most important. If you let the machine work and do your thing, you may miss some steps, which can be the difference between quality coffee.

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So, in this blog, we are sharing a few rules that will help you brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Rule1: Never choose stale coffee

Every coffee has an expiration date, and a stale coffee can make your cup of joe taste bad. Always check the packaging of coffee pods, instant coffee, and beans when you buy them. Ensure that the roasting date of the coffee isn’t too old because, for the best taste, you can use coffee up to three weeks after its roasting date.

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When it comes to buying beans, always use fresh and whole beans. Do not buy beans from the supermarket. Find a local roaster and buy from them. Also, get whole beans and grind them at home or only ask the roster to grind a small amount, which you can use quickly. That way, your coffee will always taste fresh and awesome.

Rule 2: Work on the right temperature and quality of water

To extract coffee from the beans or pods, we use water, which makes up 90% of coffee. Thus, it is essential to use the correct temperature of the water when brewing coffee.

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If you overheat the water, it will over-extract coffee from the beans. When you heat water at around 185 degrees and use it to brew coffee, it under-extracts the coffee. In both cases, you end up with a coffee that doesn’t taste right. Thus, know the correct temperature of water to brew a perfect cup.

Also, use the correct quality of water. It means never using tap water because the extra minerals in it mix with beans weirdly. Thus, always use fresh or filtered water. If you are not drinking that water, do not use it to brew coffee.

Rule 3: Keep them fresh

Coffee pods come in capsules, so keeping them fresh is easier compared to instant coffee or beans. Still, storing them away from moisture and sunlight is necessary. When it comes to storing instant coffee or beans, never refrigerate them. That will make the beans acquire the aroma of the things you keep in the fridge, changing the taste of your coffee forever.

Rule 4: Do not be afraid to experiment

You do not always have to buy coffee from brands that you see advertising a lot or something you are comfortable with. To drink a perfect cup of coffee, you have to undertake some pain. Go and taste a few coffee drinks at local cafes, find where the barista gets their coffee, find other local roasters, and so on. That will help you pick the best coffee for your morning cup of java. You do not have to pay a massive amount for good coffee. Few roasters sell quality coffee at affordable prices.

Another thing to check, is whether the beans are Arabica or Robusta or a mix of both. The Robusta beans are bitter with harsh flavours. It is something that does not agree with the palette of most people.

Rule 5: Skimping on coffee is bad

People often use less coffee and more hot water, thinking that it will extract more cups of coffee. However, it does not work like that at all. It will only make your coffee bitter and harsh. Always use the correct measure while brewing a cup of coffee at home.

Wrapping up, always follow these rules when making coffee at home. Missing even one rule can be the difference between a delicious cup and a cup that ruins your whole day.

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