Fun Facts about Carrot Top


Carrot Top is a popular comedian who has been in the spotlight for decades. Is he really just a guy with red hair? Is there more to carrot top than meets the eye? Read on to find out 10 fun facts about this hilarious performer!

Fact #: Carrot Top’s real name is Patrick Timothy Smith. He started performing at a young age and was given the nickname “carrot top” for his hair colour when he would wear it in pigtails as a homage to Little Orphan Annie.

Fact #1: He’s toured with some of the world’s most famous performers, including Johnny Cash and Elvis.

Fact #2: Carrot Top was nominated for a People’s Choice Award in 2008 for Favorite Comedian. He lost to Ellen DeGeneres but it shows that he has been popular among people around the globe!

Fact #3: In 1998, he released his first comedy album called ” Is it just me?”

Fact #4: In 2008, carrot top released a second CD titled ” I’m in shape” and he starred in two Comedy Central specials.

Fact #5: Carrot Top’s favourite food is pizza! He often orders with pepperoni or pineapple on the side to mix things up a bit.

Fact #6: In 2013, Carrot Top’s first book was published entitled ” Is it just me or is everything crazy?”

Fact #7: He has a daughter named Kennedy and he loves playing poker with her!

Fact #8: He is a family man and loves to take his daughter on vacations with him.

Fact #9: Carrot Top is a huge fan of the movie Casablanca and he loves watching it with Kennedy.

Fact #10: Carrot Top is a devoted grandpa and he loves spending time with his granddaughter Kennedy.

Fact #11: Carrot Top has been married to Ranae since 1987!

Fact #12: He was born in Louisiana, but now resides in Tennessee.

Fact #13: Some of the most popular songs on his albums include “I Like to Stay Home,”

“All Alone On Christmas Tonight,” and “Pizza Is My Business.”

Fact #14: He has been performing for over 30 years!

Fact #15: Carrot Top’s show is a PG-13 family-friendly comedy, but he does not do any blue material.

Fact #16: Carrot Top’s show is about an hour and a half long.

Fact #17: His show is one of the longest-running shows in Las Vegas.

Fact #18: He wears a wig, and he does not have any hair on his body.

Fact #19: His real name is Richard Thompson Jr., but that’s just too long for an acronym so it became Carrot Top!

Fact #20: He’s been married to Mariah O’Brien since 1991.

Fact #21: Carrot Top’s show has been seen by over 50 million people!

Fact #22: He is the founder and CEO of “,” which offers advice on health, finance, fitness, relationships and happiness. He also runs a YouTube channel called Carrottop Comedy TV with more than 500 thousand subscribers.

Fact #23: He has a pet miniature donkey named Mr Brownstone!

Fact #24: Carrot Top’s show consists of him telling jokes and performing his “dangerous stunts” like blowing up cars, riding on the back tires of an old car while it manoeuvres through flaming hoops and trying to cook pancakes in a kiln.

Fact #25: Carrot Top was a semi-professional golfer for five years, before giving up the sport in favour of comedy due to his short stature and lack of golfing talent!

Fact #26: He has been on TV shows, including “The Tonight Show,” “Late Night with David Letterman” and “The Today Show.”

Fact #27: Is a member of the “Comedians Who Care” organization, which provides financial aid to needy families.

Fact #28: Is said to be the fourth richest comedian in America with an estimated net worth of $100 million! He has been married twice and is currently engaged to his third wife, Courtney.

Fact #29: Is the father of six children with his first and second wives.

Fact #30: Is an avid golfer who has played in several major tournaments including a Senior Tour event sponsored by The Tradition!

Fact #31: Is often seen wearing brightly coloured suits to match his carrot-top hair!

Fact #32: Is the most successful comedian in history, having earned over $130 million on his own and with other comedians.

Fact #33: Is an honorary board member of the Coalition for American Veterans (CAV). He has been a tireless advocate for veterans and is known to go out of his way to honour veterans on stage, including those in his act.

Fact #34: Is a staunch supporter of the Republican Party and has often been referred to as “America’s favourite redneck.”

Fact #35: Is generally seen carrying around an inflatable rubber chicken that he uses for comedic purposes.