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The Best And Easiest Cowboy Chicken Recipe

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Chicken is a delicious edible food around the globe and also an excellent source of meat and eggs for the consumption of humans. It has become common in multiple menus. In the US, around 8 billion chickens are eaten over the time of one year. Casual dining, fast casual and fast food restaurants provide different types of chicken. These are the famous chicken dishes: fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, butter chicken, chicken curry, and more. There are lots of options available for the chicken lovers but rotisserie chicken is one of the tastiest dishes available globally. This chicken is roasted with its own fat and juices by circling the meat during the process of roasting. This chicken dish takes more time to prepare, and it is weeknight-affordable.

It can be an excellent choice for the ones who don’t want to cook and just want to enjoy this dish at mealtime with their family and friends. But, finding a perfect spot for having a tasty rotisserie chicken with your friends and family is not an easy task. You have also wondered about where you can eat the best rotisserie chicken. So don’t worry, this article will tell you about a popular restaurant chain that provides the best wood-fired rotisserie chicken in the US. We have also come up with a recipe for this rotisserie chicken. So below is everything that you should really know about it:

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken

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Cowboy Chicken is a chain of fast-casual restaurants that gives the best wood-fired rotisserie chicken to its customers. They offer fresh and natural chicken roasted on a wood-fired rotisserie, and it is even presented in front of customers. Cowboy Chicken was started by founder Philip Sanders in 1981 in Dallas with his wife Jeanette with the idea of ‘The customer is always right.’ Now, after 35 years, Cowboy Chicken has become a big brand and already opened multiple franchises. They have around 26 units and are also planning to expand it more. The service of this restaurant is manageable and rustic. You will feel cozy and warm here, and the staff’s behavior is excellent as they help with anything you require.

It is very much different from other restaurants as they use hormone or steroid free chickens that are hand-seasoned in stores. They roast their chickens over natural wood. They do not work like other restaurants that fire their rotisserie with gas. Their focus is on the things like great food, great hospitality, neat restaurants, and skilled people in the staff. Cowboy Chicken is now on the list of top-performing restaurant companies in the fast-casual restaurant franchise division. In 2017, this restaurant got an award for the Emerging Chain of the Year. It is also on the famous Forbes magazine list of “Hot Restaurant Chain to Buy into Now.”

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Cowboy Chicken is still operating in this difficult situation of the coronavirus pandemic. They are ensuring safety for the customers so that they will not face any difficulty in getting the food from here. All the staff members of this restaurant chain are following the coronavirus protocols and taking extra steps for curbside pick-up and delivery orders. Also, they make delivery free on orders of $15 or more placed online, by phone, or via the app.

Chicken Menu
Chicken Menu

Cowboy Chicken Menu

Cowboy Chicken provides the two meals of the day that is lunch and dinner. From the menu of this restaurant, you should definitely order the special dish of wood fire chicken. You can also try their chicken salad, sandwiches, enchiladas, desserts, drinks, and more. So this restaurant is famous for their handcrafted and fresh dishes and they never compromise the taste. 

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So if you want to have the best rotisserie chicken and a great dining experience, you should visit this restaurant. If you have already planned to visit them, make sure you know all regarding their latest menu. In this post, you can see the newest menu of Cowboy Chicken, which also includes the prices of the food items. So have a look at the menu of this restaurant below:


Three Piece Dark $8.50
Quarter White $8.50
Half Chicken $10.00


Whole Chicken$10.00
Half Chicken$6.00


Five Crispy Drumsticks$9.00


Chicken for 4$25.00
Chicken for 6$35.00
Enchiladas for 4$35.00
Drumsticks for 4$35.00


Twice Baked Potaters™*Individual-$3.50Large-$4.50Texas Size-$5.50
Green BeansIndividual-$3.50Large-$4.50Texas Size-$5.50
Fried OkraIndividual-$3.50Large-$4.50Texas Size-$5.50
French FriesIndividual-$3.50Large-$4.50Texas Size-$5.50
Spanish RiceIndividual-$3.50Large-$4.50Texas Size-$5.50
Corn Frittersindividual-$3.50Large-$4.50Texas Size-$5.50


3 Enchiladas $10.00
2 Enchiladas$9.00


Durango Bowl$10.00
Keto Bowl$10.00


Trail Boss$9.00
BBQ Chicken$8.50
Original Cowboy$8.50


Jeanette’s Homemade Peach CobblerIndividual Cobbler-$3.50Texas Size Cobbler-$5.00
Banana Puddin’Individual- $3.50Texas Size- 5.00
Fudge Nut Brownie$2.00
Fresh Baked Cookie$2.00
Scoop of Ice Cream$1.00


Soft DrinksRegular $2.50Large $3.00
Sweet, Unsweet and Seasonal TeaRegular $2.50Large $3.00
Homemade LemonadeIndividual $2.50Large $3.00
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brian chan NbXjZomyNEM unsplash

Cowboy Chicken Recipe

After eating the chicken dish from Cowboy Chicken, you also wish to prepare it at your home. If you want to make a wood-fired rotisserie chicken like Cowboy Chicken, we have come up with a recipe for it. So this recipe is for the whole chicken to be cooked on a rotisserie in the Wood-Fired oven. Rotisserie cooking is such a pleasant way to cook and to get the wood-fired flavor. This tasty dish will take 45 minutes to prepare. 

You have to cover this chicken dish in the dry rub before it is fire-roasted. So you can find the recipe for rotisserie chicken in a straightforward way here. Below are the ingredients and the process for making this chicken dish, so keep reading and don’t miss anything:

Ingredients For Rotisserie Chicken

These are the essential ingredients that you need for making this dish; without them, you cannot cook it. So have a look at them:

  • Whole chicken
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil
Rotisserie Chicken
Rotisserie Chicken

Process For Rotisserie Chicken

After learning regarding the ingredients, now look at the steps for cooking the rotisserie chicken like Cowboy Chicken: 

  1. You have to place the coals to bring the oven to the temperature of 300° F.
  2. After that, you have to put the chicken on the rod without piecing the skin.
  3. Then, you have to rub the chicken with these ingredients: salt, pepper, and minced garlic drizzle with olive oil.
  4. Now you have to control the embers by putting tiny bits of wood for the time of 45 minutes.
  5. After completing the time, you can finally remove the dish from the oven. But also don’t forget to leave the dish for around 5 or 10 minutes. Now you can enjoy this tasty rotisserie chicken. 


So if you want to have a delicious wood-fired rotisserie with your family, Cowboy Chicken is a perfect spot for it. You will not regret after spending money here as the food is worth it. They provide great service at the restaurant and the staff behaviour is also very great. They also provide tasty side dishes. So, if you want to have a delicious lunch or dinner with your family, you can visit the nearest Cowboy Chicken today.

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