Top Best Thai Restaurants

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Thailand is a country with one of the most diverse cuisines in all of Asia. One of the reasons for this is because Thailand borders so many countries and each region have its own culinary tradition. Thai food can be spicy, sweet, sour, or salty and it often contains chilli peppers to give it some heat as well. The cuisine ranges from simple dishes like rice noodles to complex combinations that include more than 20 ingredients! In this blog post, we will take a look at ten of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok – you won’t want to miss these amazing spots!

Tags: Thai food, top ten restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand cuisine, spicy food, sweet foods, sour dishes and salty snacks. trying Thai food for the first time can be an intimidating experience. And if you’re going to a restaurant that specializes in just one regional cuisine, it’s important to know which dish is representative of its region and what your expectations should be!

The top best Thai restaurants in Bangkok are:

Khan Toke Thong: Khan Toke Thong is a great little restaurant in the heart of Bangkok, perfect for when you want to enjoy seafood.

Dok Champa: Located just off Banglamphu road and close to Wat Phra Kaeo (the Royal Palace), this Thai restaurant serves up some top-notch Northern Thai dishes like fried pork liver with fresh turmeric, sautéed pork and noodles with garlic-chilli sauce or tom yam soup.

Thai Corner: A really popular restaurant that serves up authentic Northern Thai food like dried fried beef curry and rice pudding served in a coconut shell.

Khaonikaew Seafood Restaurant: This is one of the few places that serves freshwater crab, also known as Khao Kaew.

The Grand Palace: Located in the heart of Bangkok and close to all the major tourist attractions, this restaurant is a great place for tourists to experience Thai cuisine with authentic dishes like green duck curry or red beef curry served with rice.

Charoenkrung: Serving Thai food since 1958, this restaurant has an extensive menu with everything from classic dishes to more modern takes on traditional recipes.

Khao Soi Islam: This popular Muslim eatery serves up a dish of noodles in a coconut curry sauce that’s topped off with crispy fried onions and served alongside fresh greens for a little bit of a kick.

Khaomenke: Serving Thai food since 1982, this restaurant has an extensive menu with everything from classic dishes to more modern takes on traditional recipes.

Khawaneej Restaurant: Located in Bangkok and serving up authentic Sri Lankan cuisine for over eighty years now (since 1933), there’s no shortage of delicious choices to pick from on their long, varied menu.

Chilli Jam: Serving up Thai food since 1991 (when it opened in Bangkok), this restaurant is known for its affordable prices and great happy hour deals that include free beer with every meal order.

JJ’s Restaurant: This homey spot has been serving up traditional Thai dishes since 1981, and has been open seven days a week for thirty-three years now.

Thai Smile Restaurant: This restaurant is known for its rich flavours that come from fresh ingredients cooked to order in the kitchen on sight (and they’re all vegan!).

Thaisdee: Known as one of Bangkok’s most loved Thai restaurants, Thaisdee has been serving up the best in authentic Thai dishes since 2004.

Chiang Mai Thai: Located near Bangkok’s famous Khao San Road, this restaurant is known for its great service and tasty fare that includes classics like Pad Thai and spicy salads.

Baan Silom Restaurant: With a focus on traditional Thai dishes, this restaurant has been around since 1995 and is still popular today.

Sri Suk Thai: Offering a modern take on some of the classics like Pad See Ew and Tom Yum Soup, this Bangkok favourite also offers live music nightly for guests to enjoy with their meal.

This Samai: This family-run restaurant is known for its range of vegetarian options and traditional Thai dishes.

Mango Tree: With locations in both Singapore and Bangkok, this upscale eatery offers a menu that changes with the seasons to reflect local tastes.

Baan Tong Khang: For those looking for true authenticity, there’s Baan Tong Khang. This restaurant is known for its traditional Thai fare, and there’s no menu to order from – instead the chef chooses dishes for you based on what they think will go well together.

Spoon: Offering a modern take on some of Thailand’s most popular street food like Pad See Ew and Tom Yum, Spoon is one of Bangkok’s most popular restaurants.

Khunkung: This traditional restaurant serves authentic, local cuisine made from fresh ingredients and without the use of MSG or preservatives.

Prime Minister Restaurant: The menu at this upscale eatery features classic Thai dishes with a modern twist. Dishes include the signature green curry served with a cashew nut and cream sauce.

Krua Apsorn: This restaurant serves the best traditional Thai food in Bangkok, with dishes like Kao Soi made from Malaysian yellow noodles combined with fried egg noodles served in an aromatic curry soup.

Cha for Tea: With locations all over Thailand, this chain offers modern interpretations of Thai dishes with a focus on quality and natural ingredients.

Pongyi Gourmet Street Food Restaurant: Open 24 hours, this popular eatery serves authentic street food for breakfast, lunch or dinner from the tiny kitchen sandwiched between two streets.

Mekong Thai Cuisine: This restaurant is a favourite of Bangkok’s chefs and foodies for its spicy dishes like the drunken noodle immersed in an intense, dark sauce with flavours that inspire memories of tom yum soup.