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What to Eat During Breastfeeding? 6 Healthy Snacks to Try

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Getting your body to produce milk and slowly returning to your old self is no easy task. New mothers need to take a lot of care and be careful about how they feed their babies. So, to help you out and boost your milk production, we’ve come up with some healthy snack ideas.

It’ll help you curb your frequent cravings and, at the same time, be highly beneficial for your overall health. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the top 6 snack ideas that we’ve curated a list of below!

1.     Healthy Shakes

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With your baby crying in the cradle and you being absolutely in a position not to understand what you want to do, you can try consuming some healthy shakes. But remember to look at the ingredients well and whether you’re supposed to drink them or not. Breastfeeding moms must remain under many restrictions, so you must choose the right product.

Going through the great products present at can be a great idea. The company produces items especially for pregnant and breastfeeding moms to help them boost milk production and to heal internally. So, going through their wide range can be a good idea.

2.     Granola With Greek Yogurt

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This one is a quick snack you can munch on while your baby is taking a nap. Greek yogurt contains natural probiotics, which will help you massively in digestion. Moreover, a high protein intake with low calories is good for you overall.

And it’s needless to mention that granola contains several nutrients that are good for any lactating mom. Finally, you can choose some berries to give it a tangy flavor. So overall it’ll be a satisfying snack item for you.

3.     Apples With Peanut Butter

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Nut butter contains good fat that gives your energy and other desired proteins. But remember to always choose the naturally or freshly made at the grocery store. The packaged ones contain loads of added sugar which isn’t good for you.

So, just slice up apples, wash them well, and mix them with your peanut butter. It’s quite filling and, of course, a favorite for many. If you’re allergic or don’t like peanut butter, you can also try out this snack item with other nut butter.

4.     Pineapple With Cottage Cheese!

Alert, at the very beginning, because not everyone likes cottage cheese. It’s a unique texture that many people dislike. However, if you’ve got the palate for it, then cottage cheese can be the best option for you. Remember to pair it up with some pineapple, and be sure you’re giving your wholesome body food.

This combination is great for boosting bone health and overall helps in boosting immunity as well. For variety, you can whip the cottage cheese well and add tiny pieces of pineapple to give it grains. Overall, it will taste fantastic for your health too.

5.     Tuna Fish With Apples!

Another great combination that you could choose is this one. Both apples and tuna fish are great for lactating moms. With the savory and lightly sweet flavor, the combination tastes scrumptious. If you want it to be a little more filling and satisfying, you can pick some whole-grain crackers. The combination, in general, is going to be blissful.

6.     Whole Grain Crackers With Hard Boiled Eggs!

Another great snack item for lactating moms is this one. Eggs contain loads of minerals, vitamins, and proteins, which are good for your health. And so, pairing them up with whole-grain crackers will be the perfect combination.

Final Thoughts

When you deliver, women often feel hungry, and at the same time, they have to think about what they’re consuming. It’s not just you who is eating, but your child’s health is in concern too. So, you must be vigilant about the ingredients you pick and what exactly you choose.

Make the right choices and start consuming them. Soon you’ll notice yourself recovering, and at the same time, your little one will be getting enough milk too. So, do let us know how you liked the snack items we’ve spoken of above. 

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