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Here’s Where New Sports Bettors Should Place their Bets

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The world of betting is large, expansive and can be pretty daunting for those who are not experienced in it. Nowadays the large online market could easily swamp a beginner with a sensory overload. Trying to choose from the huge swathes of promotions, sports and type of selections can be really hard. It is, however, important to start with what you know best. Alternatively, we have a few tips to offer which will point any beginner bettor in the right direction. Knowing which sport to bet on is probably the best place to start before exploring anything else further. So let’s have a look at where new sports bettors should place their bets!

Horse racing:

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Another of the bigger sports to bet on is horse racing, with many worldwide events held in the UK each and every year and thanks to betting websites there are plenty of ways you can make the best bets, from 2021 Cheltenham Festival free bets to Grand National betting guides. This exhilarating and highly unpredictable sport can offer some really great betting opportunities and hook in beginners. The sport offers great markets such as Lucky 15s and Each Way betting which both buffer your chance of losing and make for a much more exciting bet. On top of this, the odds in horse racing can be massive and bring you in some great rewards. The only thing about this is that it means you really have to know what you are doing. With horse racing the name of the game is research. You will rarely land a lucky punt. Instead, by putting in some graft and doing adequate background work into why you are making a selection you are more likely to reap the rewards. It’s important to remember in horse racing, unlike football, the favourites only win one third of the time. This means picking outsiders is in your favour but it’s just a case of working out which outsider to choose. By doing your research and striking the balance between odds and likelihood you will be sure to land a winner. Ultimately, when starting out in horse race betting you could feel even more swamped than in other sports as it is less mainstream and there is a lot of knowledge and research you really should be doing before placing any bets, but once you have cracked this nut, horse race betting possibilities are pretty unlimited. 


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The biggest sport in the world is reflected by the massive betting market in which it has around it. You really can bet on anything when it comes to football. Despite such a large market, which has only continued to increase over the years, many bettors stick to old school traditions when it comes to betting on football. The coupon style 8 or 10 fold accumulator on English Premier League teams are still amongst the most popular ways of betting on football. This form of match betting is low risk high reward but the probability of it landing is very low. You have most likely come to football betting looking to place one of these bets Instead, we urge you to have a look at trying something different. This means having a look at obscure leagues and markets within those leagues to try and grab the best odds for relatively likely things. If this means going further afield to the likes of the Hungarian B league, then so be it. Even within these leagues, instead of match betting it’s desirable to look into niche markets such as cards, corners or over/under goals which offer much better odds for a more likely outcome. By going off the beaten track you are more likely to be rewarded, especially when it comes to the betting on the beautiful game.

Fighting sports:

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One of the best places to make a start in your betting career is in fighting sports. Not only are they less frequent than other sports so it gives you time to think about things and work towards placing your bet, but they tend to offer a really good bang for your buck if you choose wisely. Often, undercards and not as high profile fights will pay out great money even for the favourite of the fight to win the fight. Also, even if you are to bet on the outsider, the nature of fighting means that the probability of them winning still remains quite high. The fighting market has also increased drastically, like the other sports, over the years and you can now bet on just about anything within the ring/cage. For the highest potential winnings you want to be looking particularly at UFC where the smaller fights pay out some really good money. Of course, it is still important to have a look at form and recent performances to gauge who you think is more likely to take the belt home. But after a small bit of research you should be able to place a winning bet on fighting sports sooner rather than later.

This should hopefully give you a better knowledge of what to be placing your bet on within the wonderful world of sport!

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