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7 poker sites that give you a crazy value deposit bonus

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In 2021, every Indian online poker room and its cousin is giving players deposit bonuses to incentivize them to play on their platform. That is to be expected with the recent poker boom caused by the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that all deposit bonuses are equal! Far from it! Today have compiled the ten best deposit bonuses you can get right now, offering over 200% of your deposit in value! Surely a good time to be a poker player. When we started   50 INR LOCKED bonus for 1500 INR deposit was standard, we are not jealous you are jealous! At the end of this list, you will assuredly get the maximum bang for your deposits on your favorite online poker platforms

1. 9stacks– 9stacks is a haven for people looking to learn poker and have fun while grinding the lowest stakes and working your way up, it is the ONLY poker room in India that offers you 0.01/0.02 INR stakes all the way to mid-stakes. They have an amazing rake structure which causes their rake to be one of the lowest amongst all the rooms. While they do not have insane Poker Rakeback percentages that a room like say blitz poker would, they are more than making up for it with regular cash promotions and tournament series organized for micro and low stakes players. 9stacks is also known for creating some of the most engaging poker content in the industry, their series “P se poker” hosted by Sanjay Taneja is one I would recommend to anyone who is looking to get started with poker game.

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When you sign up on 9stacks with Poker Launcher, you get multiple exciting offers depending on the size of your deposit, on a deposit of 500 INR you will effectively get 550 INR to play with as the 50 INR is an instant deposit bonus! No points to be made, no conditions to be met, you can withdraw your winnings at your discretion. If you play higher stakes, 9stacks still has you covered, on a deposit of 15k, you get to play with 16k as you get again an INSTANT bonus of 1k.

2. Pokerhigh-An O.G platform, Pokerhigh provides both a seamless mobile and desktop poker experience. They offer a mind-boggling variety of games not only do they have your standard PLO4, but they also have PLO5 and PLO6 and some OFC for the lulz. Everyone is playing these formats because they are new, but they are clueless. Apart from that, they are also offering OFC and Boost, making sure you can log into Pokerhigh and play any poker format you want for as much volume as you want to put.

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They also give insane value for every deposit you make. When you signup on poker high with Poker Launcher for your first deposit, you can get a 100% matched deposit bonus up to 22k INR, which means you can deposit 22k INR and have 44k INR to play with!!. Please note that this is a locked bonus and you will have to grind out high club points to redeem your winnings, thankfully that’s not difficult as poker high also gives great Rakeback and has plenty of fish you can put volume against.

3. PokerBaazi– PokerBaazi is the biggest cash game destination in the online Indian poker scene, for both pros and noobies. You will find games running 24/7 with large waiting lists and fish on every table if you look for them long enough. Although there is no dearth of regs on PokerBaazi, you will still have no trouble finding soft cash games there, and if you are a highly skilled online cash game player.

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When you poker signup bonus and deposit on PokerBaazi through Poker Launcher, you get a free ticket to a 50K GTD tournament on a deposit of 500 INR, usually a ticket like this costs you 880 INR! and if you manage to ship the tournament or finish 2nd or 3rd you could effectively make 20-30x of your deposit in a night! Ideal for both cash games players looking to play tournaments and tournament regs looking to get extra value on their deposits.

4. Pokersaint– Pokersaint was the first poker platform to introduce instant withdrawals, which at the time seemed unbelievable, what do you mean we can get our winnings in our bank accounts in 15 seconds! Apart from that you will find exciting tournaments with high value throughout the day, If you are more of a cash game player you will find straight-up spewers here, literal degens on the tables! If you would rather play without depositing, poker saint also has freerolls every hour that you can play and organically build your bankroll with. They might not be big, but they sure offer amazing value for the dedicated grinder rising up the ranks.

When you signup and deposit on pokersaint with Poker Launcher, you get access to exclusive deposit offers not available to the regular crowd. You get a 100% deposit bonus, YES, a 100% deposit bonus! So if you deposit 1k, you have 2k to play with and so on. You can get amazing value on your deposits, which only get compounded by the fact that the average pokersaint player knows as much poker as a drunk uncle on a Friday night limping pocket jacks and shoving 56 suited, You can’t go wrong with pokersaint!

5. Blitzpoker– Blitzpoker is an exciting poker room that captivates your attention with a blitz of excitement and happiness! Whether it be offering the most exciting cash games and tournaments across multiple poker offerings, or getting the gigachad Dan Bilzerian on board. Everything at Blitz poker is king-sized with no compromises and no quarters. Blitz Poker is one of the best few places where you will find fishes at every stake, whether it is a 110 INR addon tournament and a 1k-2k INR high stakes online cash game, or a featured tournament with the a prize pool in the crores.

The deposit bonus on Blitzpoker is also.., you guessed it king size. When you signup on blitz poker with Pokerdangal. They give you a 100% welcome deposit bonus on your first deposit along with tickets to weekly tournaments. Definitely a deal worthy of the big-timers!

6. Spartanpoker– Spartan is where all the tournament sharks swim, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t plenty of fish in the sea. They have, at this point, probably accepted and deposits and made withdrawals of thousands of crores.

When you signup and deposit on spartan poker with Poker Launcher. You get a 100% welcome deposit bonus on spartan poker along with weekly free tickets and CRAZY rakeback. If you want to swim in the deep waters of online Indian poker, Spartan is the ultimate destination to do so and they provide you with a nice lifejacket with their promotions and insane deposit bonuses as well!

7. Pokerdangal- Last but not the least, we have pokerdangal, a poker room with empathetic customer care, amazing promotions, and big tournament series. A community favorite and They offer some of the cleanest and deepest tournament structures you will find in Indian poker online. Well, after playing on Pokerdangal, you will. Definitely

Speaking of deposit bonuses, Pokerdangal takes the cake. When you signup and deposit on pokerdangal with Poker Launcher, you will get a batshit crazy 150% deposit bonus, now admittedly this is a locked bonus but that doesn’t make it any less impressive as the cash games you will need to grind dangal points are incredibly soft is not constantly having action on them. If you are a rising grinder, who is looking for a high-quality high value to add to their schedule, pokerdangal will perfectly fit that bill.

And that brings us to the end of our list, we hope you now know where your deposits will be most appreciated ;) and get you the most value, make sure you subscribe to this blog for regular updates on the best offers in the industry as it does take us quite a while to do high-level research and present you with only offers that grant you maximum value, may fortunes favor you, happy grinding!

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