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Best Costumes In Free Fire 2021

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Free Fire has been perhaps the most conspicuous title in the fight royale local area and is played around the world. 

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game, developed by 111 Dots and published by Garena.

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It is a spin-off of “, released for Android and iOS in June 2018.

Within its series of inspirations, Garena’s “Free Fire” is similar to Epic Games’ own “Fortnite Battle Royale”.

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Garena stated that it was “a tribute to another battle royale, in a style of play unique to Garena Free Fire.”

“Free Fire” is played by destroying enemies until one player remains.

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Unlike the main game, this is followed by the last man standing bonus round.

Garena stated that the number of items and weapons varies per match and that up to ten players can be in one match.

Unlike the main game, in this mode players fight to defend a car in a tower.

It is initially available for Android and iOS devices.

Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on your android. 

Use a modern arsenal of various arms, such as assault rifles, machine guns, pistols, rocket launchers, and a variety of grenades to hold off a horde of heavily armed enemies. 

Avoid the police, loot the map, and escape alive. Shoot first, steal more guns later.

The game highlights entrancing and captivating outfit packages that are appealing to players. 

Like most fight royale titles, Free Fire likewise has selective and appealing outfit packages that players can gain by spending jewel top-ups or finishing a task(s) by means of occasions. 

There are plenty of restorative things and other trendy things, alongside the outfit groups. This article glances through the absolute best such packages in Free Fire at present. 

Best current outfit packs in Free Fire 

#1 – Avenge Full-Leather 

This outfit pack is a new expansion to Free Fire, accessible in the game’s Diamond Royale area. Players can get this female ensemble group by turning the draw with precious stone top-ups. It comprises of: 

  • Vindicate Full-Leather (Top)
  • Avenge Full-Leather (Bottom)
  • Avenge Full-Leather (Shoes)
  • Avenge Full-Leather (Mask)
  • Avenge Full-Leather (Head) 

#2 – Toxic-Lime Python 

The Toxic-Lime Python group in Free Fire likewise got added after the OB25 update of the game. It is accessible in the Gold Royale part of the game, and players can get the group by turning the draw with ff tokens. It comprises of: 

  • Poisonous Lime Python (Top)
  • Toxic-Lime Python (Bottom)
  • Toxic-Lime Python (Shoes)
  • Toxic-Lime Python (Mask)
  • Toxic-Lime Python (Head) 

#3 – The Age of GoldImage 

The Age of Gold group is perhaps the most pursued packs in Free Fire and can be found in the game’s Redeem area. Players can obtain this pack by recovering it in return for one Magic Cube. It comprises of: 

  • Time of Gold (Head)
  • Age of Gold (Mask)
  • Age of Gold (Top)
  • Age of Gold (Bottom)
  • Age of Gold (Shoes) 

#4 – Duchess Swallowtail 

The Duchess Swallowtail ensemble pack is additionally found in the Magic Cube group part of the game. This female symbol set comprises of: 

  • Duchess Swallowtail (Head)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Top)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Bottom)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Shoes) 

#5 – Aurous Ascension 

This is an elite male set that is accessible in the store segment of the game. Players can buy it with 899 jewels. The group comprises of: 

  • Aurous Ascension (Head)
  • Aurous Ascension (Mask)
  • Aurous Ascension (Top)
  • Aurous Ascension (Bottom)
  • Aurous Ascension (Shoes)

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These are the best costumes available on free fire which you can use in 2021.

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