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Labyrinth of Ragnarok Beginner Tips and How to Download on PC

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Labyrinth of Ragnarok is an exciting MMORPG game developed by Gravity Co., Ltd. Following a unique cartoonish design, the game aims to deliver on its promise of providing hours of entertainment to the player in various forms. With the ability to defeat extremely powerful monsters while exploring different mazes and dungeons, you will be amazed by the variety you can have in the game. Here are some beginner tips for the games that should help you started and how you can download Labyrinth of Ragnarok on PC.

Start Using Your Consumables:

As you progress through the game, you will start getting consumable items that vary from food, potions, rewards, or gifts at random intervals from the game developers. A lot of players might not notice them and might thus not use them often. However, these buffs will last from a few minutes to hours at max. Do note that using the same potion will extend its usage time and not help with the overall effects whatsoever.

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However, you can use two potions at the same time to increase the overall strength of your character. For example, you use an Attack Speed and Attack Damage potion to turn your character into an absolute beast for a short duration of time. 

Earn More Rewards By Killing Valuable Monsters:

After you start playing in the Game’s Adventure Mode, you will be playing against special monsters that spawn every minute. These monsters are called MVP, and they can be tough to beat. As soon as you find an MVP, your entire screen will start flashing red with a red arrow appearing near your character to tell you where to go if you want to try and beat the MVP.

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If you are at a party and want to give the MVP a shot, you can click on the Gather Button present on the right side of the screen, which will bring all your allies closer to the boss. If a party member has died before they can fight the boss, they will instantly be respawned. However, do know that they will not be able to respawn after you have started engaging in the fight.

Ass soon as you start hitting the MVP, you are a given at timer. If you cannot take the boss’s health down to 0 in the required amount of time, you will not be receiving any set of rewards. However, you get better at the game. You will need to be fighting against many MVPs as they provide you with tons of valuable loot, which is extremely important to procure as you get further into the game as most of them are exclusive items. 

Take PvP More Seriously:

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While the PvP mode isn’t necessary to play the game with, we recommend that you try it once in a while. The Duel Mode in Ragnarok provides you with tons of exclusive prizes that you cannot get anywhere else. If you win a Duel, you get access to an item to a Duel Piece. You then need eight of these particular pieces to get the final prize presented to you in the duel arena you are on.

However, if you lose the duel, you end up losing a piece that you already own. Dueling in the game is quite simple and requires a basic understanding of the game. If you have gotten used to cycle switching and are generally adept with the meta, you should be able to win eight duels in a row for your reward quite easily. However, if you are not a fan of PVP, you might find many points in the game where having a particular item might have helped you progress further. In most cases, these items are available as Duel Prizes. 

If you still are confused about the game, here’s how you can level up fast in Ragnarok Labyrinth. 

Start Crafting Better Items:

After you have collected tons of equipment, you will now be able to craft better items. So, if you have picked up an old equipment, never throw out or disassemble it at any point. You can then start crafting something more important you will need it as a requirement. 

Once you start collecting your weapon, make sure to always look at the crafting materials you require to make sure you have all the items you need. However, if you do not have them, you can click on the ‘How to get’ icon of the item to learn where you can get the items. Ensure that you always have an abundance of items as you never know what crafting item you might need to get at that point.

Always Get To The Marketplace:

Whenever you play Labyrinth of Ragnarok, we recommend always visiting the marketplace. So, always buy yourself materials like equipment, cards, items, and other items found in the marketplace whenever you need them. However, do note that you can still earn items even when completing the mission objectives. 

If you have items that you do not need for crafting, make sure to put them up for auction for easy cash. There are also some coupon codes for Ragnarok Labyrinth that you can use to get ahead of the competition.

Labyrinth of Ragnarok on LDPlayer:

LDPlayer is arguably the best android emulator out there. The labyrinth of Ragnarok features tons of options for you to select and choose from. It can get quite confusing and intimidating for you to learn all the controls at one time.

As such, we recommend using LDPlayer’s keyboard mapping feature that helps set your controls for your movements. As you get familiar with the game, these keys and binds will help you get better while also letting you change your keys according to your comfort at any given point.


Labyrinth of Ragnarok is an extremely well-thought-out beautiful MMORPG by the developers that have set everyone aback with their mesmerizing gameplay. Even if you are a newer player, you will be having a lot of fun tackling the advanced mechanics that the game provides. However, make sure you follow these tips and tricks and play the game on LDPlayer to have the best experience possible.

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