Mobile Game Development Process – 10 Steps Guide

Calculate the Cost of Mobile Game Development – Complete Guide
Calculate the Cost of Mobile Game Development – Complete Guide

Almost everyone has a mobile nowadays. As the simple mobile devices of the past have turned into Smartphones, we use them for more than just messaging and calling. Its use has transcended towards entertainment. And when it is about entertainment, how can mobile games stay far. After all, games, especially mobile games, are leading the entertainment world of Smartphones. Study shows that when a person buys a mobile device, they are most likely to download one or more games within one week. Playing mobile games passes the time easily while adding a lot of fun into our daily life.

For game developers, like, AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., it is not just fun but also a significant source of income. Do you know that mobile games have contributed to almost 60% of the global video market? In 2020, mobile games generated almost $63 billion in revenue. And the mobile gaming market is likely to reach $100 billion marks within 2023 as it is growing rapidly and becoming grander.

Also, mobile games are a great marketing tool to build strong branding in the market by game-developing companies. Pokemon Home, Valorant are few popular mobile games of 2021. If you wish to invest in poker game development, always choose a game development team that has skills and experience in building it.

What Determines Mobile Game Development Cost?

The game development cost is determined by many factors, from the game genre, game complexity to game development time and testing. Companies like AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. determines their game development cost based on the following factors:

Game Genre &Type

Do you know that your game genre and type can affect the cost of the game’s development? If you want to make a simple puzzle game, it will cost less, while a GTA-like mobile game’s cost will be huge.

Selection Of Mobile Platform

So, you have decided on the game genre, but have you decided on which platform you would want to launch it? Based on the platform you choose, your game development cost will vary. Android costs more but has the biggest market, but it can get costlier in iOS. Whether you choose one platform or multiple platforms, the game development cost will closely depend on it.

Game Complexity

After you have finalized the game genre and type, you know the types of features the game must-have. Depending on the complexity of your game, the cost of development will increase. A simple Sodoku game will cost way less in comparison to a game like PUBG.

Mobile Game Development Engine

Mobile games depend completely on their development engine. So, you must choose the right game engine. Based on what you want to have in the game, you must select the game development engine. The engine you would choose will impact the cost of the game development.

Time Takes For Game Development

The mobile game app development has now become competitive as many gaming companies are focusing on coming up with engaging games. So, timings of the game development is a significant factor for a business to emphasize upon. If developers have to put more time into the game development, it will charge you more.

Game Testing

You would want to launch a bug-free game in the market. So, game testing is one of the most important steps that you should consider. In case there are no errors or bugs in the game, then testing will charge you a low-cost. But in case you have some bugs and errors in the game, you will have to spend a bit more to fix and release it in the market.

Costs For Developing One Mobile Game

Developing cost for a mobile game can be around $5K to $100K, but that too for just one platform (either iOS or Android) with simple functionalities. However, the price can rise up to $500K or higher if you wish to develop a game that contains all advanced functionalities and features. Of course, it will give a better experience to the gamers and people who simply love playing games.

Though the cost mostly remains between the above margin, game development costs can differ based on the company. For example, the cost of game development with AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. can differ from other game development companies. Below are the charges of companies for game development:

· Small companies usually charge $15-$40/ hour.

· Intermediate companies with more experience may charge between $50-$100/hour.

· The enterprise-level company charges almost between $100-$300/ hour.

Mini-Game Development Cost

The development cost of a completely simple mini-game for one platform can be around $3K-$10K. Do you know a simple Pac-man or Soduku game are mini-games? For mini poker game development with advanced features and support in multiple platforms may require you to pay $20K.

3D Game Development Cost

There are 2D games, and there are 3D mobile games available for Android and/or iOS. Of course, the cost of developing 3D games will differ from 2D games. The 3D games like Tennis Clash, 3D shooting- comes up with great graphics. Therefore, it can cost $30K-$60K only for one platform. 3D game development cost will increase if you want the game to be available on every platform and have advanced features.

Mid-Level Game Development Cost

Cut the Rope and Angry Birds fall into the category of mid-level games. These games contain build-in mini-games, complex storyline, appealing visual graphics, along with engaging sound effects. Therefore, the cost of developing these games is around $60K-$100K only for a single platform. If a mid-level mobile game requires advanced features and developers have to make it for multiple platforms, the cost can rise to $120K-$200K.

High-end Game Development Cost

Call Of Duty: Mobile, PUBG: Mobile, Fortnite are a few of the high-end games for the Android and iOS platforms. And for each platform, the development of these high-end games can cost between $150K to $200K. However, the cost can rise up to $400K if you would want to create a game with advanced features and multiple platforms. As these games demand rich content, addictive game scenarios, the price range is appropriate.

AAA Game Development Cost

AAA games like GTA, FIFA have marked their places on the list of costliest games to be made for Smartphones. The starting cost of developing the AAA games is $300K, and it can go higher. Depending on features, storytelling, graphics, and functionality, the cost of these games can go high up to $3M. The cost rises as these games demand breathtaking animation and realistic graphics, addictive gameplay, inspiring and intuitive game controls.

Real Money Game Development Cost

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Yes, mobile games where you play with real money like an eight ball pool, Ludo, Carrom, Rummy, etc., can be expensive to develop. However, the range may vary based on multiple platforms and more advanced features that you want to provide in your game. So, for content-rich heavy poker game development, your cost can go up to $100K.

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