Wednesday, April 21, 2021

“Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain,” Psychologists Say

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Are you looking forward to having a healthy brain and putting all the stress at bay? You should think about engaging in activities that boost your mental health. According to psychologists, your mental health spans beyond how you feel about yourself. It is all in how you relate with those around you and your ability to manage your feelings, especially when you are low.

There are many ways to feel relief from too much stress. Some people may resort to drugs like caffeine to feel the happy and lift their moods. We all have our addictions –something that makes you happy when you feel low, like playing online casinos or hide and seek with your kid. Well, playing video games has been shown to improve mental health, and in this article, we highlight some of those benefits.

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1. Quick decision making 

Are you a good decision maker? Well, that depends on how first you judge and your ability to highlight important details in any situation. Playing video games improves your ability to make quick decisions when faced with dilemmas.

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According to a study by the University of Rochester, gamers that enjoy playing action and fast impact games can make quick and accurate choices than non-gamers. In this study, it is established that gamers are 25% faster in making accurate decisions than non-gamers.

We all need to be smart when making decisions since life is all about the choices we make. Gaming helps you improve your decision-making abilities so that you get the work done fast. You won’t struggle to choose your dress for your first date or what meal to eat for dinner. Playing Call of Duty, Spider-Man, and Grand Theft Auto V helps you to be smart in the decision. While playing these games, you will be faced with ambush and situation that need you to decide quickly.

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2. Problem-solving skills 

In life, you will be faced with complex problems that require problem-solving skills. You want to ensure the decisions you make when faced with such issues do not compromise your next move. When playing virtual video games, you may be faced with situations that require you to solve a puzzle or find the safest escape route. Playing these games helps improve your cognitive ability and how you respond to problems.

According to a 2013 study by the American Psychological Association, individuals playing strategy video games record improved problem-solving abilities compared to those who don’t play video games. Based on this study, the more you play video or virtual games, the smarter you become. That means you can solve your problems and find the most reliable solutions that put you in a mess.   

Playing virtual games helps you to do some trial and error until you learn what works best for you. Life is not based on trial, and that means you must be smart – gaming gives you a platform to try what works best while improving your mental health in the process.

3. Feel happy always 

What else makes you happy besides taking a glass of red wine? Well, it’s all in gaming. When you play your favourite video game with a competitor or friend, and you beat them in the contest, you are the happiest man on the planet. In fact, According to a study by the American Psychological Association, playing simple games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds can help you forget about what’s bothering you and change your moods.

Involving games like Call of Duty can also heal you from some mental disorders like depression or too much stress. Immersive or involving games are more therapeutic to gamers absorbed in the digital world.

If you want to take a break from everyday stress, you can simply go online or login to your computer and start playing your favourite game. It helps you shift your focus and brain on something else, at least for some minutes.

4. Learn and grow your brain 

As you grow, so does your brain. However, sometimes your brain may not reflect your age. It simply means you have a different IQ to the next person. Gaming helps you grow your brain as you age. That is why it is essential to introduce your child to video games at a young age to help them improve on IQ.

When you are motivated to attain the highest score in a game or appear on the leaderboard, you learn and grow your brain in the process.

Keeping healthy at a young age is important if you want to remain productive at work and at home. Stimulating your mind by playing video games help you grow your brain. Additionally, most video games like Temple Run and Assassin’s Creed are set on different environments which help you have fun.

Final Thoughts

The simplest and most affordable way to relieve stress and remain happy is by playing your favourite game on your phone, tablet, and computer. Playing video games improves your mental and physical health. So, all you have to do is choose a video game you like the most and get the right gaming gear in your house. It will save you a visit to a psychologist.

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