5 Fashion Tips That Will Make You Feel Thinner and Sleeker


It’s said that people are often their harshest critics and that is especially the case when it comes to body confidence. People often feel self-conscious about how they look and have a hard time building self-confidence. If this sounds like you and you want to feel thinner, sleeker and more confident in your clothing, there are some fashion tips you can use. These simple tips can have huge and positive impacts.

Choose Styles That Flatter Your Body Type

The first tip that any professional stylist will tell you is to learn your body type. Once you do that, you can start to identify the styles that work best for you. That’s not to say you can’t wear certain things; it just means some styles will flatter you more than others. The most common body types are hourglass, rectangle, apple (inverted triangle) or pear (triangle).

Are You Wearing the Right Under Garments?

The next step is to look at your undergarments to determine if they are the right size, style and fit for your body. They should be supportive, comfortable and enhance your shape. Bras can be especially difficult to find that perfect fit, so you may want to go for a professional fitting.

Give Over-Knee Illusion Tights a Try

How many times have you looked at a pair of thigh highs and wanted to purchase them only to change your mind at the last minute? While they certainly help to smooth out your legs, making them look lean and long, thigh highs are notorious for slipping down. Having to constantly pull the thigh highs up and back into place isn’t exactly the kind of thing most people want to deal with. You may want to look at options like Heist Tights instead, which address the issue of thigh highs slipping down. You can have that sleek and sexy look without the hassle.

Embrace the Monochromatic Look

While you may be used to mixing colours and patterns, did you know that blending these elements may not be doing your body favours? An instant way to look slimmer is to embrace a monochromatic look. This gives the illusion of a long and lean look with no break, thanks to the colour. You can add interest with textures and accessories.

A Blazer Can Bring Any Outfit Together

Sometimes it’s about an outfit lacking structure. If you can add structure and shape to your outfit, you can create the illusion of a different body shape. For example, you can create a more defined waistline, broader shoulders, a longer silhouette and so forth. There is one item that can do all of this and more and that’s a blazer. This is essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

You can wear a blazer with trousers, denim, your favourite dress, shorts and so forth. You can even make it look more casual by rolling up the sleeves.

Looking and feeling great in the clothing you wear doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s all about knowing the best tricks and advice that will flatter you and speak to your style.