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In the modern world, one of the most famous aesthetic medicine procedures is BTA injections. They are great helpers:

  • the fight against excess forehead shine, rashes on the forehead skin;
  • in getting rid of exhausting sweating (hyperhidrosis) on the skin of the palms, feet, armpits.
  • in the elimination of age-related defects in the neck area.

The popularity of the BTA injection is easily explained by the fact that the effectiveness of these injections can be compared with plastic surgery, but not everyone is ready to go under the knife.

Botox is …

A drug that temporarily blocks the transmission of impulses from the nerve fiber to the mimic muscles, as a result of which it relaxes, and the skin in the area of ​​this manipulation is smoothed, which contributes to a noticeable rejuvenating effect.  Buy botox 50 iu and you will be not disappointed.

Benefits of Botox:

  • guaranteed effect at the request of the client;
  • complete safety due to the reversibility of the process;
  • minimal trauma;
  • no serious preparation required;
  • quick results;
  • duration of the effect.

Botox injections will help eliminate mimic wrinkles, skin creases, crow’s feet, etc.

Effect of botulinum toxin

After the injection, the effect is noticeable for 4-7 days. But the final result is noted only 2 weeks after the manipulation. The effect lasts within 4-6 months; injections are recommended 2 times a year.


  • pregnancy and the postpartum period;
  • inflammatory process at the injection site;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • the presence of oncopathology in the active stage of treatment;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • the presence of acute conditions and diseases.

What not to do after the injection:

  • You cannot lie down in a horizontal position; you must be in an upright position for 3-4 hours after the procedure.
  • Do not massage the injection area for 24 hours.
  • Hot compresses on the injection area, baths and saunas for two weeks after the procedure.
  • Drink alcohol in the first two weeks after the procedure.
  • Cosmetology procedures 14 days (cleaning, peeling, filler injection, microcurrents, darsonval, ultrasound, carboxytherapy, laser therapy, hair removal, massage).
  • Go in for sports for 7 days.
  • With a tendency to edema, you cannot eat salty, spicy food for up to 7 days.
  • Smoking 4 hours after the procedure.

Interesting! After the expiration of the validity period of the injected drug, like if you would buy fillers online, if you do not repeat the procedure, there is a gradual restoration of the previous mimic activity. However, a big plus of injections is that during the duration of the action of botulinum toxin, a person weaned from excessive facial gestures, so wrinkles will be less pronounced for some time after the end of the action of the drug.

 Myths about Botox

Myth 1: Botulinum toxin is a terrible poison and there is a risk of poisoning, especially when it enters the vessel.

In fact, despite the fact that botulinum toxin is the most potent biological poison; there is absolutely no risk from therapeutic dosages, even if the injection is given intravenously. As the saying goes “in a spoon – poison, in a drop – medicine.”

Myth 2: Lip enlargement with Botox

In fact, of course not. Some people still confuse Botox with fillers, hyaluronic acid, or even silicone.

Myth 3: Botox distorts facial expressions

In fact, this is not entirely a myth; it all depends on the technique of introduction and the correct choice of points. Botox acts locally only in the place where it was injected (an area of ​​about 1 cm2), it does not flow and does not spread anywhere further.