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Dental Fillings: 7 Benefits You Probably Don’t Know

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Poor dental hygiene and an unhealthy diet consisting mostly of sweetened foods are the main causes of tooth decay. The only solution to this issue is a dental filling, which will seal the cavity and prevent the decay from getting worse. This process entails the removal of the damaged or decayed tooth. Afterwards, the space is stuffed with a filling made of either silver amalgam, composite resin, glass ionomer, porcelain, or gold. 

Regardless of the dental filling you choose, you can be sure that your tooth’s appearance and functionality will be restored. In addition, there are other lesser-known benefits to dental fillings. 

  1. They Reduce Pain And Discomfort
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Over time, tooth decay will lead to the exposure of dental nerve endings. When this happens, you will no longer be able to consume cold or hot beverages or foods without experiencing considerable pain, usually from extreme sensitivity. However, thanks to dental fillings, this can now be treated. Dentists can complete this procedure in just one visit. This is because the fillings, whether it’s made of composite or porcelain, can provide the affected tooth with a layer of protection that will help prevent any discomfort from pain or sensitivity.  

  1. They Stop The Growth Of Cavities 

Before getting a dental filling, your tooth will first need to be cleaned thoroughly, and the decayed parts removed through drilling. This is crucial to safeguard the nerve endings from harmful bacteria that may be present in your mouth before sealing the cavity. Once sealed, further decay can be prevented. All you need to do is maintain proper dental hygiene to keep your teeth healthy.  

  1. They’re Durable 
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Most of the fillings today are made from robust materials. Thanks to the excellent quality offered, these fillings can serve you for at least 15 years. This is possible because they can effectively resist corrosion and can keep you from losing otherwise problematic teeth that have been weakened by decay. But despite the expected durability, it’s still ideal to take steps to make them last as long as possible and not shorten their life span. The last thing you want is to dislodge your dental filling, so you need to avoid doing the following:

Dental Fillings a
  • Chewing on hard candies or ice 
  • Chewing on inedible items, such as your fingernails or pens 
  1. They May Help Prevent Infection 

Another advantage of getting dental fillings is that it helps to reduce the likelihood of infection arising from a decayed tooth. The fillings act as a barrier to prevent bacteria from getting to the tooth’s pulp. Without it, the pulp would be infected, and your tooth would start to decay continuously and, over time, fall out. In addition, the bacteria might spread to the nearby teeth and other body parts, which might lead to other health complications, such as respiratory infections, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. The tooth’s root could also be seriously infected, in which case a root canal, a more invasive procedure, might be necessary. 

  1. They Help Strengthen Fractured Teeth 
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If you have a tooth that’s ruptured because of chewing on hard food items (or even objects) or from taking part in high-risk physical activities, such as contact sports, dental fillings will come in handy, as they can help repair the fractured tooth. You’ll have greater tooth support, so you can chew and bite like you never had a fracture. However, as mentioned above, you still shouldn’t chew on hard things excessively, as that may shorten the life span of your filling. 

  1. They May Improve The Color Of Your Teeth 

Over time, your teeth may lose their natural color due to habits such as bruxism, which causes enamel thinning and thus leads to yellowing teeth. Drinking certain beverages, such as red wine and coffee, can also eventually cause your teeth to be discolored and stained. Fortunately, composite dental fillings help resolve such an issue, thereby restoring your tooth’s natural color. As a result, you’ll look a lot better and won’t have to worry about the appearance of your teeth. 

  1. They Improve Tooth Structure 

Dental fillings also provide your teeth with added stability, as they are directly attached to your tooth structure. This bonding also prevents small cracks from appearing in your tooth structure, leaving no room for bacteria to collect and compromise the filled tooth’s integrity. A composite dental filling also helps maintain your natural tooth structure compared to gold or silver amalgam fillings, because they adhere to the teeth better. 


If you develop a cavity or tooth decay at some point in your life, the best treatment is a dental filling. This will stop the progress of the tooth decay and restore your tooth’s normal function. If you’ve been considering dental fillings, hopefully this guide has enlightened you to its other benefits and helped you decide. 

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