Face Building: How to Change Your Face Without Plastic Surgery

olga guryanova s10jzFKGOLs unsplash
olga guryanova s10jzFKGOLs unsplash

You might agree that this year has brought huge changes in your daily life in the form of home workouts, online yoga, and virtual museum tours. However, the list of home activities would be incomplete without face building. Nowadays, many people are interested in a healthy lifestyle, so they wake up in the morning to go jogging, make green smoothies, and choose only organic food. They listen to TED talks on genetics and study articles about anti-age. In fact, people are obsessed with pushing aging as far as possible. Many celebrities decide to reject hyaluronic acid and neurotoxin injections, replacing them with face building. This technique will neither change your appearance nor block facial expressions. It just helps harmonize facial features. And celebs who practice this technique look younger and completely natural. And the great thing is that you can do some exercises whenever you can, for example, when you write essay for me online or do household chores.

What’s the essence of face building?

Well, it didn’t appear yesterday, but in the first half of the 20th century, when a plastic surgeon came up with a series of exercises for his woman friend, an aging ballerina who wanted to stay beautiful without his direct services. Nobody can tell you whether this is a marketing legend or a true story. The next surge of its popularity happened in the 80s when beautician Carol Maggio popularized facial gymnastics in the United States.

Face building means that you work with your facial muscles. You should train them like other parts of the body. If you wake up 20 minutes earlier to do morning stretching, why can’t you do the same with your face? There are different techniques, and while some focus on aggressive muscle pumping, others prefer complete relaxation. However, you can always use an integrated approach. If you train your facial muscles regularly, you will be able to demonstrate highlighted cheekbones.

The main goal is to prevent aging; that’s why many young people start practicing it before coming across the first wrinkles. Thus, if you know that you are prone to ptosis, the appearance of a double chin, or wrinkles, it is worth applying this technique ASAP.

The swelling decreases after just a couple of workouts since the muscles’ work activates the lymph flow, and the face looks less swollen. Face building helps sharpen the chin’s contour and draw the angle of the lower jaw, which often changes with age. Exercise can help you stay healthy and look fresh much longer than any injections. You will need a complex approach dealing with the area around the eyes. But on average, changes will be visible in all zones in about 3 months of regular training.

Change of mimic patterns

To achieve a long-lasting result, you should change mimic patterns. In other words, you should stop wrinkling your forehead and making grimaces and start laughing without overstraining in the nasolabial area. After all, daily facial expressions leave imprints: if you constantly wrinkle your eyebrows, sooner or later, you will notice skin pinch. Therefore, you should start by changing your bad habits. Control your facial expressions during workouts, working on assignments, or reading an essay writing services review.

How to quickly look fresh without Botox?

If you want to look fresh even when you have some sleep issues, you should start practicing static exercises. When you strain several muscles at once, you evoke a strong blood flow to this area. For example, fix your forehead, raise your eyebrows strongly, “pull” your ears, and fix the position for ten seconds. Repeat it about three times, and you will see great changes in the mirror. You can quickly relieve tension from the nasolabial area if you round your lips, as when pronouncing the letter “O.” You can also try to puff out your cheeks to “apply” natural cheek colors.

Effective exercises

If you practice the following series of exercises daily, you will notice awesome changes pretty soon. Start small, do every exercise about 10 times, and only increase the number of reps to about 20 or 30.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows

Stand in front of the mirror and put your palms on your forehead so that fingers touch each other. Place the ring fingers right above the eyebrows. Pull up your skin as if you are removing a wrinkle.

Forehead wrinkles

Repeat the first part of the previous exercise and raise your eyebrows up as if you are surprised at something. Try to overcome the resistance of the fingers.

Work with the muscles of the upper eyelids

Open your eyes wider, raising your upper eyelids as high as possible. Keep your eyebrows motionless, don’t wrinkle your forehead. Raise your eyelids in turn.

Eliminate nose wrinkles

Wrinkle your nose, having put your index fingers along it. In this case, you should feel how your nostrils inflate, and your lips remain motionless.

If you want to start seriously practicing face building, it is worth searching for a whole complex of exercises created specifically for each part of your face. Different muscles require different approaches, so spend five minutes to find a decent complex on YouTube.