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Facts you need to know about Korean Ginseng

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Korean ginseng is one of the most widely used variant of ginseng since ancient times, especially as an herbal medicine. The herb has a sweet-bitter taste and a relatively rough outlook. It is further subdivided into two variants, notably the red and white ginseng. Each of the two has unique features and beneficial specifications.

Variations between the Ginsengs

Ginseng has to be grown for almost five years for it to attain the stature of being used as an herbal medicine.

  • WHITE GINSENG- The unprocessed ginseng which is plucked and only dried.
  • RED GINSENG- This is basically the further dried and processed version of white ginseng. Due to the further processes, the color turns from white to red and thus the name.

The Benefits of Using Korean Ginseng

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Since ancient times this ginseng is treated to cure numerous issues; be it physical or psychological. In the modern era also the use of ginseng is also being promoted for the same benefits. Medically researches continue to further ascertain the points. Some of the stated conditions for which ginseng is used are:

  • Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread sexual problem faced by men. Almost fifty percent men globally encounter this condition in some form or the other. In Australia more than one million men suffer from the condition.

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The foremost medical relief in the form of drugs is available. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Avanafil are the most widely popular versions of PDE-5 available globally and in Australia.

Keeping in view the new consumer preference online supply of the pills is also readily done. You should ensure the authenticity of the seller and the webpage before making the final deal.

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  • Diabetes

Diabetes is a fatal infirmity. It befalls when pancreas fails to generate insulin in the human body. Insulin is basically a hormone which absorbs the glucose from the food items consumed and helps in storing it in other tissues for using it as an energy booster later when needed. Insulin also helps to keep the protein, fat and carbohydrates of the body in check. An issue with the creation or ingestion leads to fatal fluctuations of blood sugar levels. In Australia almost 1.7 million people are affected with diabetes.

The medical relief is in the form of pills and insulin shots

  • Cardiac Issues

The heart along with; the entire nervous system link the body together making it a single unit. It provides blood to the body. Thus any issue in the functioning here definitely leaves a detrimental impact on the other organs and their functions. In Australia around 27% of deaths occur due to it.

The medical relief is in the form of life-long tablet sand surgeries if required.

  • Depression And other Such Psychological Issues

Mental illness specifically depression has taken a toll on the human race these days. The competitive edge and the race and against time has in the recent years increased this issue to a greater fold. In Australia the ratio of depression is nearly 1:16 while anxiety ratio is 1:7!

Medical resort in the form of pills and therapies is available to cure the issue.

Consume with Care

Though ginseng is a natural ingredient with great benefits yet it should be taken within the prescribed limit or else it can lead to serious repercussions including:

  • Palpitations
  • Breathing issues
  • Seize attacks
  • Being in a state of Semi consciousness
  • Increase in heart beat
  • Severe allergy reactions  

So intake with care and see the positive results!

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