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Review of the Littmann Pulse Cardiac Stethoscope

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After hearing about how well the staff and patients feel while using Littmann medical devices, you might wonder why you would consider another brand. Well, once you’ve heard for yourself, listen to others. Talk to those in the healthcare field who use Littmann medical stethoscope products. Check online testimonials.

Use Littmann dual-head stethoscope products:

Ask those who use Littmann dual-head stethoscope products about their overall experience. You will find many who love Littmann and have nothing but good things to say. Ask those who use Littmann medical stethoscope accessories about their overall experience. You will find many who love Littmann and have nothing but good things to say.

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Some who use Littmann spares agree that Littman is a great company that provides top-quality merchandise at an affordable price point. This may be hard to believe when you think of the company’s history as a pioneer in digital technology. But that was then and this is now. The truth is that Littmann has stepped into the digital world with a bang – literally! Their stethoscopes and accessories now are recognized as the gold standard for medical students everywhere.

Littmann name synonymous with quality and technology:

The Littmann name is synonymous with quality and technology. Many Littman stethoscopy models come with advanced features like built-in humidifiers. Others boast of built-in noise reduction capabilities. And, many models are equipped with built-in, battery-operated fans to eliminate background noise.

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One of the most popular models is the Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope. It is constructed with a sturdy metal body and a comfortable, leather-like, satin-style case. The classic III model of Littmann comes in either black or white. The lightweight ii se model is also available in black or white. Some of the lightweight ii models have special applications such as being ideal for medical monitoring in cardiac arrest situations and/or having an easy adjustability setting for patients’ height and body weight.

Littmann products are above average:

When it comes to durability, all Littmann products are above average. And this is especially true of their classic stethoscopy models. These stethoscopy models are ruggedly constructed and feature a sturdy metal body. They cover with a hard leather case and have a durable rubber band that secures the base.

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The Littman stethoscope has received many awards, including five customer rating stars for its durability and comfort. It has an easy-grip dial and three breathing ports. The built-in humidifier makes it ideal for use in hospitals and clinics. The standard and classic pediatric models of the Littmann Cardiology stethoscope are available in various price ranges. You can easily find one within your budget.

Littmann is a name that you know and trust:

With over 40 years of experience, Littmann is a name that you know and trust. Their stethoscope designs design to meet the needs of physicians and medical facilities around the world. If you need a stethoscope, you should definitely consider Littmann cardiology stethoscopes as these come with unparalleled features and a lightweight stethoscope that will last you for a long time. The Littmann company is dedicate to making sure your medical needs are met by providing their customers with high-quality products.

Littmann is their tendency to use rubber tubing:

One thing people might not like about Littmann is their tendency to use rubber tubing. This makes the stethoscope susceptible to punctures. The Littmann cardiology iv tube contains a special rubber tube that eliminates the need for the users to insert the tubing themselves. This eliminates punctures and increases the lifespan of the stethoscope. However, the tube does have a limit as some conditions can cause the rubber to get torn. This can cause an audible alarm to sound.

Most medical students would want is for their stethoscopes:

What most medical students would want is for their stethoscopes to be durable and long-lasting but the Littmann brand offers flexibility as well. They have flexible units that are perfect for people who want their units to be flexible for their needs. Littmann flexible units include models that include volume control, electronic pulse monitor, cardiology port controls, pressure monitor, and other options. It offers two-level and three-level access to all three sets of the main switches. Each model is customizable with its own interchangeable faceplates and footplates. The flexible units have rubberized faces and footplates which eliminate corrosion.

Quality stethoscopes:

The Littmann brand is known for its high-quality stethoscopes and the dual-head styles are no exception. The prices on these units range from about $600 to over a thousand dollars depending on the model. The durability of the product speaks for itself because over time even the more expensive models will maintain their high quality and durability. The only model that may not last as long as others are the Littmann Trauma, which is also the heaviest of the line.


The Littmann cardiology stethoscope has been used by thousands of physicians worldwide. The durability and high quality make it a great choice for cardiologists. The ability to adjust the volume easily and the exceptional acoustics combined with the wide variety of available faceplates and footplates offer a great range of customization options. The price point is comparable to many other brands of stethoscopes on the market today so if you are looking for the most value for your money you might not find it with this company. This company offers excellent customer service and technical support.

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