Popular Cosmetic Procedures to Serve Face This Fall

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In 2021, the desire for plastic surgery is at an all-time high. This is due to a number of reasons, from lockdown and pandemic stresses aging us at an accelerated rate to celebrities and influencers’ increasing transparency about their procedures.

Facial procedures, especially, have been on the rise due to an effect known as the Zoom Boom, where our whole world recently has been focused from the neck up on camera.

Whether to improve social media aesthetic or simply undo the damages of the pandemic, procedures like a facelift or mini facelift are surging. And they’re not the only ones.

Here are some of the most popular facial procedures to improve appearances.


Botox is an incredibly popular facial procedure, and for many good reasons. Botox is non-invasive, which means no incisions need to be made, and thus no scarring. This is appealing to those who wish to increase their aesthetic value but don’t wish to commit to the surgical level just yet. It also requires no downtime or recovery and can easily be done over the weekend or day off.

Botox is also temporary, so those unhappy with the results will see it subside within a few months. It’s also much cheaper than cosmetic surgeries, costing a few hundred dollars per session rather than thousands.


Facelifts are one of the most popularly known facial cosmetic surgery procedures out on the market. But did you know there was more than one type?

A full facelift targets a person’s whole face, fixing things like facial lines, uneven skin texture, and loose skin on the face.  

A mini facelift targets only the cheeks and jowls. It is favoured among a younger crowd who have yet to show many signs of aging like wrinkles but may be experiencing a loss of elasticity in the midsection of their face. It’s also used as a touch-up procedure for those who have previously had a full facelift. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are another type of injectable cosmetic, similar to Botox.

Where Botox is used more to relax facial features and undo wrinkles, dermal fillers add fullness to areas that have thinned out. These injectable fillers are commonly used in the cheeks and lips. There are many varieties and brands of fillers, including:

  • HA gel
  • Juvederm
  • Revanesse
  • Restylane
  • Teosyal

Like Botox, these filling effects are temporary and last around a year before wearing off.


Nose Jobs are the number one facial cosmetic surgery that people have done among men and women alike. In 2020, 300,000 women and 65,000 men underwent rhinoplasty

But why is it so popular? Besides being one of the most prominent features on your face, to begin with, it could be due to our digital age. Recent studies have shown that when we take selfies, our nose can appear 30% larger than it is due to the camera, distance, and angle of the photo. So when we turn the phone around to review our photos, we may be disappointed with how our nose looks in the photo, giving us a false sense of appearance.

Also, nose jobs aren’t an age-restricted procedure since it doesn’t target things like wrinkles or loose skin. Rather, this procedure can be done by teens and adults alike, who wish to correct any asymmetry of their face.