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Psychology is a science that studies the characteristics of the human psyche: our habits, moods, character, and reasons for actions and, in general, how our brain works. We have collected the best psychology books on human behavior, you will understand what mood depends on, how mental illness works and why it is so difficult to love yourself and leave the past in the past.

When you want to understand people around

Most conflicts arise from a lack of communication: we do not understand the reasons for the actions of other people. Three books in this collection will help you to be more tolerant of others and avoid explosive situations.

Why are we like this? 16 personality types that define how we live, work and love, by Otto Kroeger, Janet Tusen

What if it only takes one book to understand anyone? No more conflicts, misunderstandings, problems at work and scandals with children. Otto and Janet have been professionally engaged in typing for 15 years and are confident that with its help you can solve any problems. It is known for certain that this book has already saved one marriage.

Typology is the science that explains our behavior and actions through the type of personality.

The way we work, communicate, perceive information and react can be encoded in four letters. Based on the philosophy of Jung and the Myers-Briggs typology, the authors distinguish 8 features, of which 16 personality types are composed:

  • extrovert or introvert;
  • logician or ethicist;
  • rational or irrational;
  • sensoric or intuition.

People with endless possibilities. In the fight against yourself and for yourself, by Vladislav Dorofeev

Disability is always a challenge. People and society. But there is no “I” and “they”. This is us. With one amendment: sometimes disabled people are stronger than others. Being deprived of a part of the body or function, a person is forced to make up for the deficiency with a different quality. In this sense, people with disabilities are entrusted with new knowledge, new opportunities are open.

One of the premises of the book was the photographic project “Acropolis: How I Found My Body”. On a huge photopanel (5 × 7 m) ten invalids: five half-naked muscular men and five half-naked graceful women, all without one or two limbs. They are not wretched, you empathize with them, they command respect, you admire them – their beauty, even perfection, endurance.

But, like thousands and hundreds of years ago, a disabled person has to fight not only with himself, with his own weaknesses and physical disabilities; a disabled person has to fight for himself, facing rejection, stupidity, obscurantism in society.

The book is about this. Read, watch and be amazed.

Just about complicated. How we live, work, love, by Marina Melia

How to get through tough times with as little waste as possible? How to survive in a society poisoned by cynicism? How to find a balance between work and personal life? How to set a goal and stay on course? How to protect yourself from a manipulator? Life constantly poses difficult questions for us.

A problem is always a signal, a serious reason to stop and think. It is very important here to see the situation as it is, and honestly answer all the painful questions to yourself. And only then decide what to do next.

To make a decision, we really need an interlocutor – a person with whom we can frankly discuss our situation. But such a person is not always nearby, and a dialogue with him does not always work out. The book of the famous psychologist Marina Melia can become a benevolent and wise friend. Her thoughts and recommendations are based on deep knowledge, great practical experience and belief in the hidden forces inherent in each of us.