Pros and Cons of Superfood Powder, Capsule and Tincture


Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that have been an important part of the Australian household since its introduction. Most of these superfoods promise a ton of health benefits which can help anyone live a healthier lifestyle.

Just like any other medicine and supplement, superfoods can also take many forms and can be ingested in different ways. Some superfoods are crushed into powder, some are enclosed in capsules, and some are made into tinctures.

In this piece, we’re going to find out what are the differences between powdered extracts, capsules, and tinctures and the advantages and disadvantages that come with these formats.

Superfood Powders

Powdered extracts are probably one of the most widely known versions of a superfood. The superfoods that often get powdered range from herbs, to roots, barks, and other plant parts.

Depending on the manufacturers that make these superfoods, the processes may vary, too. Some plants and herbs are simply soaked to a solvent and let the liquid evaporate. This process will leave a concentrated powder that will later be packaged and delivered right through your doorstep.

Other superfoods can also undergo a more complicated process like freeze drying. The superfood is completely frozen and then placed inside a vacuum to remove all the moisture. Finally, it is dried using heat, resulting into fine powder.


1. Powdered extracts are easier to transport and store for a longer period under normal temperatures.

2. These powders can be mixed into a lot of recipes like smoothies, coffee, pastries, and more. In effect, the products in an herbal extracts collection are easier to consume and ingest.


1. Most superfood powders you’ll see in the market are not really gluten-free and are in fact, peppered with fillers, and artificial flavours or sweeteners. If you’re planning to buy one, make sure you are scoring from an authentic seller or manufacturer.

Superfood Capsules

Capsules can either be hard-shelled or a soft gel. But most superfood capsules are powdered extracts that are placed inside a hard-shell capsule. They only differ on what compounds were used to make the outer casing.

These capsules also work the same way as medicinal capsules. They are immediately broken down by the stomach when ingested to absorb the nutrients inside.


1. Capsules can also be absorbed easily by the body. You can expect a fast absorption of nutrients.

2. You can’t actually smell or taste the superfood because of its enclosure. This proves to be beneficial especially if the superfood essentially exhibits strong scent and taste.


1. Unlike powdered extracts, capsules have relatively shorter life. So if you don’t have plans on taking them daily, most of them will go straight to the trash.

Superfood Tinctures

Tinctures are like vitamin drops for adults. And these are probably one of the best ways to ingest all the nutrients that you need.

To make a superfood tincture, the superfood is steeped in alcohol and water. The liquid that was produced is the extract that will be poured into dark-coloured glass bottles. These glass bottles come with specialized droppers, which complete the tincture set-up.

The benefits that you’ll receive will ultimately depend on the superfood, but there’s one best way to get it inside your system: just one drop under your tongue.


1. Just like powdered extracts, tinctures allow easy absorption of the nutrients. You can also drop your tincture into other recipes or beverages like tea, milk, or juice. But if you’re feeling a little lazy for the prep work, you can always just opt for a drop under your tongue.

2. Tinctures are much stronger than tea and other supplements, so you don’t have to ingest them daily. You can start little by little and work your way up.


1. While DIY tinctures are tempting, you can’t just do it by yourself. And you shouldn’t. There are other plant parts and herbs that are seemingly ordinary but are in fact harmful.  One little mistake can cause you a lot of trouble. Tip: buy only from your trusted manufacturers.

With all these pros and cons of each superfood format, it will be hard to say which one’s the best. Clearly, all superfoods have their own advantages and disadvantages. So it just boils down to your preference and budget.

But whatever superfood and format you choose, just make sure that you are buying from authentic superfoods from legitimate manufacturers and sellers.