Reality-based facts about surrogacy at feskov reproductive clinic in Ukraine

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Surrogacy in Ukraine

The surrogacy – Leihmutterschaft ukraine is quite popular. The first surrogacy clinic was opened in Ukraine, and the first-ever successful surrogacy process took place in Ukraine. Surrogacy started in Ukraine, and now many countries offer surrogacy services. But the difference is that surrogacy is cheaper in Ukraine than in other countries. In European countries, every couple can not afford the process while traveling to Ukraine to get the process done. If we talk about the legality of surrogacy in Ukraine, then surrogacy is officially legal on all grounds. You can read more here about surrogacy and in this article.

Surrogacy price in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is quite cheaper as compared to other European countries. Even the USA has higher rates for surrogacy. However, if you opt for luxury packages, they will surely drain your bank account. So surrogacy is cheaper in every country. Its price also depends on the legal fees of the process in a particular country.

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is almost two times lower than in other European countries like the USA. Undoubtedly, the Feskov reproductive clinic has a variety of reproductive services for its clients. It unquestionably depends on the couple which one is suitable for them.

Reasons to choose feskov reproductive clinic

Feskov’s reproductive clinic is known for many good reasons. Hence there are many reasons why you should choose the clinic for surrogacy.

●  Experience

The staff at feskov reproductive clinic is highly qualified, and there is no doubt about their qualification. The highly trained staff knows every little detail about the process, so the patient does not have to go through any inconveniences. The clinic has completed multiple IVF programs successfully, and there is a 100% guarantee for the birth of a healthy child.

●  Healthy children

The clinic is known for its expertise in human genomics and PGD diagnostics. Due to this reason, they can professionally select a healthy embryo. This prevents the transmission of any hereditary diseases. However, the feskov reproductive clinic also helps you choose the gender of your future child.

●  Confidentiality

Privacy and confidentiality of the patient is the topmost priority of the Feskov fertility clinic. They work on a reliable personal information protection system for every patient that secures and locks the information of that particular patient. No one can have access to it other than the concerned people.

●  Reliable database

The Feskov reproductive clinic has a private database of egg donors from different countries. There is a variety of Asian, European, and African egg donor phenotypes available from which the customers can choose any one as per their wish.


Ukraine is the country that comes to mind when it comes to surrogacy. It is because it is not only the hub of surrogacy, but the first surrogacy procedure took place in Ukraine, and it was a success. Since then, there have been many reproductive clinics opened where numerous couples benefit from the process.

Surrogacy is also known for the cheap surrogacy process, and couples from foreign countries step into Ukraine to get the process done.