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Top 10 Characters in Super Mario Party

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Super Mario Party is a game that has been around since the 1990s. It features action, adventure, and exploration for players to enjoy. The most recent version of the game was released in October 2018 with 10 new characters to add to your party list! Let’s take a look at some of our favourite characters from Super Mario Party and what they can do in-game.

Mario: Mario is the main protagonist and hero of the Super Mario Party. In this game, he can run around to get through levels quickly or use his hammer to hit blocks on the ground. He also has a special move called “Mini-Rocket” that helps him cross gaps in dangerous areas!

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Luigi: Luigi was first introduced to the Mario franchise in 1985 as an alternative for players that wanted a more difficult game. Luigi’s special ability is “the Poltergust 5000,” which can vacuum up any enemies or items on screen!

Luigi can jump to a higher elevation than most other characters and has the ability to temporarily shrink himself in order to slip into small holes.

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Toadette is quick on her feet with an extra special move – she can turn all enemies around her into coins!

Yoshi might be slow but he sure does make up for it in spades with his ability to eat almost any enemy he comes across.

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Toad is a mushroom retainer who has the power of teleportation, which makes him an excellent partner for exploring light areas!

Wario can transform into Metal Wario and gains all sorts of new abilities like running on water or flattening enemies that are in his way.

Waluigi is a schemer who has the power of turning invisible, which makes him able to sneak past guards and other enemies!

Bowser Jr can use magic paint to turn into any character he wants (as long as they’re not too big)”

Peach: Peach was one of the first female protagonists in video games and has been around since 1983.

She is a royal princess who has the power of floating in mid-air and can use her hair to attack enemies.

Donkey Kong Jr.: Donkey Kong’s son, is an acrobat with incredible jumping abilities! He may not be as strong as his father but he makes up for it by being able to climb ladders and vines with ease.

Diddy Kong is an adventurer with the ability to use his jetpack and propeller hat to fly high into the sky (and onto a few enemies)!

Nabbit: Nabbit is Mario’s arch-nemesis who steals items from Toad Houses, shops, or even other players! He can slip past guards while invisible and steal items by dropping them down from the top of the screen.

Birdo: Birdo is a pink species with an egg-like shape and can shoot eggs out of her mouth to attack enemies or obstacles in front of them!

Hammer Bro.: Hammer Bros are two brothers who fight on opposite sides, one red and one green (the green one throws hammers and the red one shoots fireballs)!

Boo: Boos are shy ghosts that will disappear if they’re looked at for too long, but make up for this with their ability to steal items from other players.

Pokey: Pokeys have spikes all over them so you better watch out! You can attack Pokeys by hitting the top of their heads, but be careful not to touch them or you’ll get hurt!

Mario: Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and can run faster than anyone else, he’s a good all-around character!

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