5 Home Improvement Projects for Your To-Do List

Home Improvement

Home improvement projects are fantastic because they increase your home’s beauty and increase the value of your home when you sell.  Although some updates won’t do much for your home’s value, like updating the bathrooms or basement, there are some projects every homeowner should focus on. Here are the top five that homeowners should make that home owner should make.


The best way to immediately improve your home’s value while also increasing your pride in your home is to put effort into landscaping.  This could mean attractively arranging flower beds, trimming and shaping shrubs and bushes, and cutting back overgrowth.  Mowing your lawn is a great start, but you also need to cut away overgrown edges, keep weeds out from the cracks in your driveway, and ensure your entire yard is both healthy and good-looking.

Kitchen Updates

A grand kitchen overhaul may be a fantastic way to boost your home’s value, but it’s not always necessary.  Instead, please pay attention to which parts of your kitchen you’d like to change, and change them over time.  This could mean updating your sink because it’s old and not working as well, or it could mean replacing appliances one by one until you have a fresh kitchen full of top-of-the-line equipment.  

Attic Bedroom Update

Although nearly every home has an attic, most go unused for anything more than storage.  Adding a bedroom to your home can add twenty to thirty thousand dollars to your home’s value and make you the top pick when people are looking for Denver real estate.  It can also allow you to make an office, or extra room, if you’ve been feeling like you’re outgrowing your home.

This can cost five to six thousand dollars to complete, but it’s a fantastic way to add space and a room to a home that needs it.

Window Replacements

Most homeowners don’t think about their windows when they think about updating their homes.  Our windows affect large portions of our lives, from how much light we get, to how much we have to spend on our energy bills.  Drafty windows can add hundreds or thousands to your energy costs every year, and you might not even notice it’s happening.  

Every homeowner should look at the state of their windows and consider whether updating them would be worth it.  The price can add up to thousands as well, but it will save you money in the long term.

Bathroom Updates

An old and out-of-date bathroom can ruin how you feel about your home.  Cracked tile, stained grout, and out-of-date decor can make anyone feel uncomfortable in their living situation.  We see our bathrooms at least five times a day, and if we have to keep using that time looking at a bathroom we don’t like, it’ll leave us feeling dissatisfied.  Replace tile, paint, replace any fixtures that need it, and make your bathroom into an oasis that feels good to walk into.  If you can update your tub or shower for more soothing moods, do it!