6 Plastic Storage Shelves for Small Spaces

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Have you rearranged your home and still find it a bit cluttered and unorganized? It’s truly frustrating as a homeowner when you’re trying to fit all your stuff in the house but still can’t manage to fir them all together. It’s actually one of the main reasons why many architects design new homes with functional spaces where the bottom of the stairs can also be a drawer or you can have a pull-out shoe rack under the bed.

However, renovations require long term planning and it may really cost you a lot. So, to save yourself from further headaches, we will give you some tips on how you can reorganize your home that only requires a few rearranging of your belongings and it will not burn too much on your pocket. The idea is to use different types of plastic storage shelves for various places in your home. Through this, you can easily group all your home items and keep them from cluttering.

Plastic Storage Shelves to Maximize Your Space

Plastic storage shelves are made with durable materials which makes it last longer. Moreover, since it’s made with plastic, you do not need to worry about it accumulating rust which can ruin it in the future. It’s also easier to clean. For fast ways of cleaning it, wiping should be sufficient, while for general cleaning, just a splash of water and soap can do the trick.

Using storage shelves is also convenient because it works on the different parts of your house. You can have it in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and even in your living room. It’s highly-dependable, plus it’s also stylish. Here are some plastic storage shelves that you can consider using.

1. LANGRIA 20 Cube Organizer Storage Shelves

It’s like a plastic locker that works perfectly for storing personal items. This is the best way to segregate all your belongings and make sure to store them based on its use and category. The individual cube cabinets are about 13.8 Q x 13.8 D. You can choose to put a door on each of it or you can leave it as plain layers of cubes. This can also be a stylish decoration in your living where you can put pieces of figurines or photo frames for display.

2. Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer

One of the most cluttered parts of your home is probably the study room of your kids. Most often than not, you will find pieces of crayons, pencils, and other school materials lying on the floor. And for some reason, no matter how much you organize them, the clutter keeps on building every single day. Luckily, you can choose to have a plastic storage shelf that will organize your kids’ school supplies.

It’s a 4-layer shelf with three individual tubs per layer. You can use it to segregate different types of supplies, toys, or books. The best thing about it is that you can print a label and put it on each tub. In that way, your children will know where to put the items once they’re done using it.

3. Sterilite Woven Plastic Storage Shelves With Drawers

If you need extra space to store additional clothes, books, or toys, you can consider this plastic storage drawer. It stands about 24 inches and it basically looks like a closet drawer. Furthermore, it’s also stylish and can be placed along with your other wooden closets with the durability of plastic. It’s perfect to use when you want to separate a few old clothes that you rarely use.

4. Jink Storage Cube 19” Lockable Storage Cabinet

To organize your documents and to keep them safe as well, you might want to consider this lockable storage cabinet. Forget about having tons of folders cluttered on your desks. You can use this storage cabinet to store and keep safe your documents at the same time. It is made with high-grade resin which makes it look like an industrial storage and it also comes in different colors.

5. Stalwart Wall Mount Organizer Bins

Now, this plastic storage shelf is best for your garage or hobby area. It’s a 30-compartment wall mount that will help you organize your materials. Furthermore, it is built without a lid so it will be easier for you to grab your items even when you’re in the middle of a project. It’s indeed an accessible and convenient way of keeping your items in order at all times.

6. CY Craft Clear Acrylic Floating Shelves

If you are looking for a minimalist yet stylish way to have extra space at home, you might want to consider this floating shelf. It is made with acrylic plastic which means it’s sturdy enough to hold items in your kitchen and bathroom. It’s also very durable because it’s 5mm thick and will not easily fall.

Plastic Storage Shelves: Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional

Make a change! It’s time to organize your home with plastic storage shelves. Check out storables.com to see more options for these items today!